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Alternatives to bathroom tiles -Waterproof panels good option?

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missmoffatt2705 Tue 03-Apr-12 21:34:12

Has anyone used waterproof panels(brand names Wet Wall, Selkie Board etc) instead of tiles in shower cubicle? Our bathroom fitter says they are ok but easily damaged, usually when cleaning, and if damaged, need to be ripped out entirely and replaced.

calendula Wed 04-Apr-12 18:44:23

Waterproof panels have been standard in Norwegian bathrooms for years. Last for ages and the only damage I have seen in the 4 houses we have lived in has been due to improper fitting not cleaning. Make sure that they are properly sealed so that no water comes in underneath.

About 10 years ago tiled bathrooms became cheaper/trendy here but the new houses I have seen advertised lately are going back to waterproof panels because they are more durable than tiles.

I can't really see how you can damage them by cleaning unless you use an abrasive cleaner i.e. don't scour them but wipe them down. My parents have them in their shower in the UK and just squeegee them after the last person has showered to keep the limescale away.

Yes, if they do get damaged you need to rip out the whole wall with the damaged panel.

careergirl Sat 07-Apr-12 12:05:30

I have them. Not sure about the damage thing then again just use a soft cleaner nothing abrasive. Dead easy to clean. I use Mr Muscle Shower spray and then hose down with shower. Need to be fitted well and sealed properly underneath. Overall would definitely recommend
THis is mine

careergirl Sat 07-Apr-12 12:05:57

By the way didn't get mine from here just used this as example

wonkylegs Sat 07-Apr-12 12:21:24

I've specified these on a job before
they are lovely, hardwearing and work really well.
We used bright glass ones for some kids ensuites (orange, yellow & kiwi) and some more subtle ones in the main bathrooms - porcelain blue and glacial green.

BuilderPat Mon 26-Oct-15 13:34:03

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