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White metro tiles in kitchen but what colour grout?

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PetiteMum Mon 26-Mar-12 23:45:24

So my new shiny kitchen has white units, oak worktops and oak flooring. I've decid on shiny white metro tiles in a brick effect. But what colour grout? White or grey? Any suggestions? Thanks!

NewHouse Mon 26-Mar-12 23:47:09

what colour are the walls that are not tiled?

AgnesBligg Tue 27-Mar-12 00:18:35


bemybebe Tue 27-Mar-12 00:28:20


PigletJohn Tue 27-Mar-12 09:31:00

If you have white tiles with a non-white grout (or the reverse) any imperfections or irregularity in the grout line wil be visually intrusive, as will and subsequent patching or repair of the grout.

spotty26 Tue 27-Mar-12 09:49:06

grey! Here is a link to a page which shows my kitchen with grey...

White grout gets dirty looking. Grey stays grey.

southeastastra Tue 27-Mar-12 09:50:06

you can at least re-do white easily and quickly, i once did my whole kitchen in a day and it looks fab

noddyholder Tue 27-Mar-12 09:51:54

Grey is very much a fashion which you may get sick of. White is more classic and stylish I think.

Swed Tue 27-Mar-12 14:30:16

I don't like grey grout on pale tiles. Especially on brick pattern tiles. It's a fashion that's already over.

I think people think it looks edgy but in fact it just looks like you've bought Living Etc a few months too often.

SoupDragon Tue 27-Mar-12 17:08:19

White. Grey looks dirty right from the start.

noddyholder Tue 27-Mar-12 17:09:43

swed I didn't want to be that harsh grin but you said it all! Grey grout is the feature wall of tiling!

bran Tue 27-Mar-12 17:11:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PetiteMum Tue 27-Mar-12 22:40:51

Hmmm, still haven't decided! The other walls are dulux natural hessian.....

I am shying away from white for ease of cleaning. But I don't want a fashion victim kitchen either! Help!

PigletJohn Tue 27-Mar-12 22:56:36

that's interesting, I had a kitchen done in natural hessian and white metro last year. Walnut cabs.

SoupDragon Wed 28-Mar-12 07:15:49

Just get that grout whitener stuff and give it a once over if it gets really grubby. I don't find white grout gets that dirty anyway.

Pannacotta Wed 28-Mar-12 08:41:02

How about very pale grey?
Easier to keep clean than white but not so much of a fashion statement.
I had white metro tiles and grout in my last kitchen and it was a pita to keep clean.

Mandy21 Wed 28-Mar-12 08:49:52

We had white metro tiles and white grout - but I wouldn't have that again. I think the impact of the tiles is lost with the white on white, just ends up looking a bit nondescript. Also over time, the grout lost some of its whiteness whilst the tiles stayed white and it ended up looking a bit grubby.

Pannacotta Wed 28-Mar-12 09:17:59

Perhaps along these linbes?

spotty26 Wed 28-Mar-12 16:23:21

I posted my own kitchen above with grey and would like to think it is classic not victim, but each to their own. Subway tiles with or without grey grout have been around for 100 years now so a bit different to the feature wall which may be just a trend.

Here is my pinterest board which shows a number of classic metro tile combos...

ceres Wed 28-Mar-12 17:18:06

we have dark brown grout with white metro tiles, oak worktops, cream painted kitchen, walls pale blue.

not sure if people think that dark brown is as 'fashion victim' as grey, tbh i don't care. it looks great and is very low maintenence. also agree with mandy that white grout and white metro tiles looks nondescript. coloured grout gives definition.

go for what you like; you live in your house so it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks.

Swed Wed 28-Mar-12 18:02:36

It is all down to personal taste. I'm old enough to remember public toilets that had white metro tiles with grey (or greyING ewww) grout. So it might make me think of a 'public karzi' but others may conjure 'Manhattan loft' or whatever.

I have cream crackle-glazed metro tiles in a bathroom in my house, grouted in Jasmine (which is sort of creamy coloured). The posters above are correct, the tiles don't stand out at all (I wanted it to look understated and not too shouty as it was a lot of tiling). But perhaps you want it to stand out, OP? If you like it, then that's all that matters.

One thing that you might not realise. Grouting the same colour as the tiles will make the splashbacks recede -- which will make the room seem bigger -- whereas contrast grouting will make the walls seem closer.

Do you have a photo of your kitchen units?

PetiteMum Wed 28-Mar-12 22:37:49

I do prefer the look of grey so will prob go with that..... Hmm, will see if I can upload a pic. Much controversy here!

icapturethecastle Wed 28-Mar-12 22:38:58

I have white metro tiles with a brown grout, it dries a coffee colour. Also have white kitchen, oak tops and oak floor.

Labradorlover Thu 29-Mar-12 10:53:35

White, grey looks like a public toilet.....

MadameChinLegs Thu 29-Mar-12 10:57:46


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