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kjw99 Mon 26-Mar-12 20:50:58

Hi, I just wondered how much I should expect to pay for a burglar alarm for a 4 bedroom detached house in Colchester Essex, and whether anyone has any first-hand recommendations of good alarm companies in my area?

HintofBream Mon 26-Mar-12 21:11:43

We have found ADT to be excellent, and as far as I know, they operate all over the country.

HintofBream Mon 26-Mar-12 21:27:13

I should have said, "sorry can't help on costs" because we have had our system for about 14 years and can't remember what it cost then and no idea of current installation prices. Don't forget there will be an annual servicing fee, also if you want it monitored that will be extra too, but worth it.

Lizcat Mon 26-Mar-12 21:40:26

I have just paid £99 for a basic system from ADT box on house two sensors and a door sensor. I am having pet sensors and ongoing costs will £23 per month. If you are having it done to satisfy an insurance company you need to make sure that the individual alarm satisfies their requirements ours needed to be gsm and maintained.
Aparany being told by the police that no alarm would have stopped the type of burglar we had is not good enough for a insurance company.

kjw99 Mon 26-Mar-12 22:01:57

Thank you for the quick responses smile

So it seems ADT are a popular choice... although when I Google "ADT £99 alarm reviews", the first 5 results all have really poor reviews. Seems like the £99 alarm you are talking about is the Quick Connect alarm, but as I say this seems to be getting bad reviews and works out at over £750 as the £23/month is a 36 month contract :-/


I was looking for a local installer really, but the good thing which has come out of this is the website in #1 position for "ADT £99 alarm reviews" also has an burglar alarm cost calculator which gives cost estimates based on your local area smile

Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say.
Thanks for your replies, and any recommendations for local suppliers would be warmly welcome.

Glittertwins Mon 26-Mar-12 22:07:28

We got the Yale wireless system from amazon but it's also available from Screwfix/Homebased. We have remote entry fobs, pet friendly sensors and it also calls our mobiles when going off.

BirdyArms Mon 26-Mar-12 22:18:46

I have just bought a house which has an ADT alarm already fitted and have been appalled by the cost of their maintenance contracts. They wanted £23 per month for 3 years for an alarm connected to them or £16 a month for a 'bells only' contract. Or if I just wanted an engineer to come out to get it up and running it would be £130 for the first 30 minutes. This compares to the only local contractor I've asked who will come and set it up for £60 for the first hour. So I think steer away from ADT. Sorry, no local recommendations!

NewHouse Mon 26-Mar-12 22:22:11

How long did it take your local contractor Birdy? I have an inherited alarm bells only, never had a contract. I may get the same setup when I move!

PigletJohn Mon 26-Mar-12 22:31:23

The first question is: do you want (1) a cheap and cheerful or DIY system; or do you want (2) one that will be recognised by your insurance company, and will be of the standard required for it to be maintained and monitored and to get police response in the event of an alarm? You will need at least two keyholders that can arrive within 20 minutes if called.

I have the second in my home, it cost about £1k and the annual fees are £266

I fitted the first type in my old mum's home, and it cost less than a year's fees on my own.

HintofBream Tue 27-Mar-12 10:39:15

ADT's monitoring service is not cheap, but it is worth it to me because my DH works away on several nights each week, it is a big house so I would not necessarily hear an intruder trying to get in, but I sleep perfectly easily knowing the alarm will be triggered if anyone does so. Panic button by the bed adds extra reassurance.

kjw99 Tue 27-Mar-12 17:25:04

Thanks all,
PigletJohn, I guess I'm looking for advice really, and recommendations on a good reliable local alarm co.

It's not an insurance requirement, nor do I require police response.

I like cheap and cheerful providing they do the job, but doubt I'm up to fitting one myself.

Based on the alarm calculator I accidently found, ^ see above ^, it looks like I can expect to pay between £400 and £500.

HintofBream: I like to sound of a panic button next to my bed, but not keen on ADT after the reviews I've read.

PigletJohn Tue 27-Mar-12 18:02:36

If you want a DIY system, the Wireless Yale range is easy.

Their best model is the 6400, which will phone three numbers in the event of an alarm, and play a recorded message. You need an electric drill, a screwdriver, and the instructions to fit it. Best price I know is at Ironmongery Direct. It usually retails at about £250.

You can buy extra sensors, keypad, siren etc and add them, though the cheapest way to do this is to buy one of their simpler kits from the range and use the bits you need.

Glittertwins Wed 28-Mar-12 09:53:51

This is the system we have. The hardest part was getting a high enough ladder outside for the siren. Thats also a very good price, we paid under £200, Homebase is a heck of a lot more.

PigletJohn Wed 28-Mar-12 11:43:38

When I fitted one for my old mum, I put the siren where it can be reached from an upstairs window. So no ladder needed when the batteries are changed (they have lasted two and a half years so far)

Glittertwins Wed 28-Mar-12 16:06:57

Ours is rather high up and unreachable to the casual thief (hopefully!). I'm a bit OTT admittedly!

frankie1605 Thu 23-Apr-15 19:47:53

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Jermaine53 Tue 26-Apr-16 15:06:31

We're in the Bristol area and have always found this lot really good,
P.s: I have been an ADT customer in the past and never will be again.

sgijo Mon 27-Feb-17 18:23:58

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Hilary53 Tue 26-Sep-17 13:42:02

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