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What's Egham like?

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Maria101 Fri 16-Mar-12 14:51:14

I live in SE London in a flat and have a toddler, so we're thinking of making the move out to Surrey (close to our in laws). Egham seems to have good transport links and ticks a lot of boxes. However, I have no experience of it and wondered if there were any mums on here who lived in Egham? What's it like? Is it mum and child friendly? Are the schools good? I also like the look of Englefield Green, Virginia Water and Windsor. Any first hand experience of these areas?

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Fri 16-Mar-12 14:54:50

VW is very posh and not many young families I would say. But pretty and green.
Englefield Green is a busy village, nice centre but has quite rough areas. Egham is ok, there's not loads going on, but it is pleasant enough.

I would pick Englefield Green of the 3 - think it has a nice community feel and would be a good place to bring up children. Good schools too.

Maria101 Fri 16-Mar-12 15:12:20

Brilliant, thank you. Any others areas close by you would recommend for young families?

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Fri 16-Mar-12 15:19:33

Shepperton perhaps? Thorpe village is very sweet but small, so depends what you are after really!

Rhubarbgarden Sun 18-Mar-12 23:16:26

I lived in Egham and Windsor when I was a student, and I had many friends at the time who lived in Englefield Green. It's sixteen years ago now oh god I'm old but back then Englefield Green was very studenty which may be a good or bad thing depending on your viewpoint. Egham was ok, if a bit, erm, suburban. I loved living in Windsor. It's got a really vibrant feel to it, interesting shops and restaurants, and a nice mix of people. Windsor Great Park is a wonderful bit of green space to have on your doorstep. The tourist numbers could be mildly annoying on summer weekends, but not a huge problem.

Rhubarbgarden Sun 18-Mar-12 23:17:51

Oh, and Datchet is worth considering.

mrsflower Mon 19-Mar-12 10:03:54

Datchet is nice. I would avoid the area around Ditton Road though.

All of these places are on LHR flight paths though so quite noisy and lots of traffic!

Maria101 Mon 19-Mar-12 12:37:50

Thanks everyone. How about Ascot/Sunninghill area? I know South Ascot and Sunningdale are expensive, but Sunninghill seems a bit more reasonable. Is Lightwater/Camberley quite far out, bearing in mind I have to get into London about once a week for work? Prices are really good around there but is there a reason? I'm guessing the long commute and lack of train station in Lightwater?

orienteerer Mon 19-Mar-12 20:36:18

Windsor = 2 railway stations (one to Waterloo and one to Paddington via Slough)

Pidgy Thu 05-Jul-12 10:32:27

I'm also interested in understanding more about Egham and surrounding areas- there is the option that we move from SW London to Egham in the next 10 months or so due to its good transport links to where myself and DH work.
I'm most likely going back to work in May 2013 (currently on mat leave).
I do love SW London as there is a lot of baby/family friendly things going there much in Egham?
Which areas of Egham would you recommend? I've heard it's very students in parts.
Childcare? (I can only seem to find 1 day care nursery - 'little echoes'?? Are there more?)
Any advise is much appreciated.

Vicky2011 Thu 05-Jul-12 10:53:19

If you only need to get into London once a week I wouldn't bother paying Egham prices or being that near to LHR. Go for Lightwater, Windlesham, Bagshot, Frimley and drive to Woking or Brookwood and get the fast trains into Waterloo. Much better than the Ascot - Staines route which stops at every halt on the way angry.

Yolanda31 Sun 16-Mar-14 14:05:21

Hello I am considering ov

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