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Hillarys Blinds?

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ChickensGoMeh Thu 26-Jan-12 11:18:08

Has anyone used them? Are they crazily expensive? I can't seem to find prices anywhere, which always makes me a bit hmm

pootlebug Thu 26-Jan-12 12:01:45

Not used them. I have used and and found both very good. You have to measure carefully and fit them yourself but it's not particularly difficult.

Mandy21 Thu 26-Jan-12 12:03:15

I had them come to the house, measure up and provide a quote. They weren't massively expensive with all the deals they have, but definitely more expensive than a local company / blind maker that someone at school subsequently recommended. They were very good though, didn't push for an order etc, so I'd get an appointment, get a quote and see that you think. Can't comment on the actual product though.

lynniep Thu 26-Jan-12 12:11:13

as above. Got a quote. very good and professional, and didnt hassle me after visit, but found someone locally who did a great job for twice the price.

kidd Thu 26-Jan-12 12:28:49

Used them many years ago. Not pushy and did a good job putting it all up without fuss. Found out now though that they are rather expensive compared to going out and doing it all yourself. However, I can't do all that stuff.

BlueChampagne Thu 26-Jan-12 13:27:24

Used them for office when they had an offer on. Professional and pleasant. No harm in getting them to quote.

ChickensGoMeh Fri 27-Jan-12 12:16:26

Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll arrange for a quote and see how much they'll charge smile

BloooCowWonders Fri 27-Jan-12 18:42:09

the rep 'forgot' he was coming to see us, then later on 'forgot to put it in his diary'
they charged us twice for the deposit
then sent lots of threatening letters about non-payment. To the wrong address.

Blinds were so so. The cover fell off one.

Never again (we moved)

craftynclothy Fri 27-Jan-12 18:55:37

Crap. The rep came out to give us a quote and I explained what I wanted. He then decided that I shouldn't have what I wanted hmm and quoted for vertical blinds for all 4 windows. His reasoning was that then they would all match...except they wouldn't cos the kitchen window and bathroom would have been water resistant (or whatever it is) and the patio door ones had to be different again cos they're longer or something.

I also got a quote from a local company who were far cheaper that Hillarys but we ended up buying online cos it was sooooo much cheaper than both. We fit them ourselves which was v easy.

OhWesternWind Fri 27-Jan-12 20:31:47

Where did you buy from online Crafty if you don't mind saying?

craftynclothy Fri 27-Jan-12 20:58:24

I think it was this place for the 3 roller blinds and then the verticals from elsewhere but I can't remember where (I know it worked out cheaper to get them from different places)

iloverhubarb Sat 28-Jan-12 18:09:21

Got a quote from Hillarys for 2 roller blinds and 1 roman blind. I thought v expensive - in the several £100s, tho of course includes fitting. I founds q heavy marketing - got several calls offering to reduce price, knocked off over a third. Still didn't want to pay £200 plus for 3 blinds.

Have now bought two rollers from John Lewis in the sale - really nice, fitted ourselves with remarkably little hassle (v poor at DIY) - cost around £60 for both. And have ordered a roman blind online for £57 from romanblindsonline. No idea what quality will be like but crossing my fingers it will be perfectly serviceable!

Auntiestablishment Sat 28-Jan-12 20:02:27

They sent me round the worst salesman in history. Don't know how he ever sold anything as he was so uninterested.

I bought elsewhere.

Labradorlover Sat 28-Jan-12 20:46:08

Got a quote from them. Laughed the poor boy out the door.
Ordered with Blinds 2 go. Less than 1/2 the price for wooden venetian blinds.
So didn't think putting in a few screws justified £200.
Measure carefully and if in doubt, phone them for help.

Hillarys Mon 30-Jan-12 09:27:26

It may sound like a cliché but because all our blinds are made-to-measure and we have a really extensive choice of fabrics, it’s hard for us to give quotes for blinds. That’s why our advisors are happy to come round to measure and quote. If you prefer to do the measuring and fitting yourself, our sister company may be a more suitable alternative.

Yankeecandlequeen Mon 30-Jan-12 10:05:53

I've bought from blinds2go & found them easy. Measured myself & they take off 1cm each side for fitting. Yet to fit them to the recess as we're still in the renovating stage but they are great quality & cheap.

knightynight Tue 31-Jan-12 12:35:23

Had a lovely blind made from Hillarys, not cheap but good quality and probably same price as getting a locally made to measure one. Rep was friendly and helpful, no sales push or mistakes. I think it depends on your rep. A few years on and it still works very well and looks good.

jamesbuk Wed 23-May-12 10:57:07

I highly recommend

crestfitters Tue 25-Mar-14 19:20:58

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smartshopper1 Thu 04-Dec-14 18:52:02

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Littlefield Sun 04-Mar-18 18:14:53

Hillarys Binds...their 'sale prices' are a joke. The salesperson will always tell you that their quoted price is the sales price. Why dont they ever advertise a price based on a size and quality. Very suspicious.

HisBetterHalf Sun 04-Mar-18 18:41:13

expensive but good quality and good fitting

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