How much does it cost to get 2 roof tiles replaced?

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CurlyhairedAssassin Sat 14-Jan-12 14:44:16

After recent high winds we have some damage to our roof. A tile has blown off the main roof, landed on our garage roof and smashed a tile on that. So there are at least 2 tiles that need replacing.

I am wary of making an insurance claim as we will lose our no claims bonus which is 40%. Would it be cheap enough to pay for it ourselves? I have absolutely no idea about cost of such things. Got the number of a roofer with a good local reputation so will perhaps give them a call on Monday if it's best to go direct rather than through insurer.


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MrsMagnolia Sat 14-Jan-12 14:56:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Sat 14-Jan-12 15:02:26

My roofer replaced about 6 tiles and repaired the flashing for about £160 a few years ago. Using a ladder. He did it himself so wasn't putting anyone at risk IYSWIM so it was his choice.

OTOH, he did turn out to be a racist twat but [shrug]

CurlyhairedAssassin Sat 14-Jan-12 16:39:38

Scaffolding?! To replace 2 tiles? Are you sure?!

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plentyofgrowingroom Sat 14-Jan-12 16:59:28

We had one tile replaced at the start of December. It cost £75 but most of that was the call out charge so it would have cost the same to replace 2 or 3. The roofer just used a ladder and it took 30 seconds. That tile and 50 more came down again in the next storm two weeks later!

cece Sat 14-Jan-12 17:02:38

During our neighbours building work, some plastic sheeting and scaffolding blew off their roof and hit our roof. Resulting in a few of our roof tiles falling off/getting damaged.

Their builder came aorund and replaced them himself using a ladder. Took 5 mins tops. Obviously no charge to us but it really is just a quick job.

antshouse Sat 14-Jan-12 17:06:54

We were quoted £120 to get a couple replaced and £20 for any additional ones if needed.


tiredandwanttogotobed Sat 14-Jan-12 17:25:25

Our roofer came around to sort out one dislodged tile - charged us £20 and took all of 2 minutes.

Pudden Sat 14-Jan-12 21:33:28

out chimney sweep replaced two tiles on our roof ( with a ladder - no scaffolding) and charged us £40 "an' a cuppa tea Missus"

LovingChristmas Sat 14-Jan-12 21:36:05

Have you got a ladder?!?! and someone not scared of heights, we got a couple of tiles for 50p each from a builders reclaim yard, £4 for plaster (as it was an end tile) and needed repointing, and a crate of beer for my mate who fixed it! 10 mins tops

mnfan Sat 14-Jan-12 21:47:24

Our fixed price arrived in the post this morning. Any alterations we need to make which change the outside of the house need approving by the developer/builder. We successfully located the 2 ridge tiles we need to replace & this is going to cost us £265. I am in the Home Counties.

LovingChristmas Sat 14-Jan-12 22:35:36

£265 shock

Pickgo Sun 15-Jan-12 00:04:24

Look in the local paper and get a sole trader roofer to do it. You should be expecting absolutely no more than £60 to replace 2 tiles.

Are you actually making any changes mnfan? Isn't it just repair work? £265 sounds a total rip off for 2 ridge tiles.

Pendeen Sun 15-Jan-12 00:13:11

How long is a piece of string...?

Access is all important..

The cost of the tiles and the time to replace them can be almost insignificant compared with the cost of access. No sane roofer will place their safety below cost-cutting.

Watching a man in his thirties being lifted on a spine board into an ambulance...

I was in tears.

Falls from height are the No 1 killer in the construction industry.

You will see above, claims of £20 to £265.

Somewhere in between is likely.

CurlyhairedAssassin Sun 15-Jan-12 17:55:02

Thanks, all! I now have a good idea what to look for when I ring them in the morning.
Willl update with cost!

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CurlyhairedAssassin Mon 16-Jan-12 16:22:11

Well, I had both tiles replaced today while I was out at work by a company I know nothing about but seemed fine on phone and on website. They looked at the house while I was out, rang me to say it would be 85 quid and they could do it there and then if I wanted so I said yes.

Came home and it all looks fine so fingers crossed they haven't done anything dodgy like dislodge some tiles somewhere else so that the whole roof blows off during the next stormy weather!!! <paranoid>

They are going to invoice me by email so they haven't had any money off me yet and only spoke to me over the phone so the trust works both ways I suppose!

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