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Anyone painted their kitchen tiles?

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Scarletbanner Thu 29-Dec-11 16:29:24

We are moving into a house which has horrible (White) tiles in the kitchen. The plan is eventually to put in a new kitchen, so refining is not an option at the moment. Do any of you wise ladies have any ideas about how to spruce up or disguise tiles? Any experience of tile paint, good or bad?


Scarletbanner Thu 29-Dec-11 16:30:03

Refining = retiling!

catpark Thu 29-Dec-11 16:31:32

I did this in our first house, the paint worked fine at first but once it gets a chip in it it starts to peel a bit. If the tiles are white then why not give them a good scrub with suger soap or try grot buster on them rather than getting them painted ?

talkingnonsense Thu 29-Dec-11 16:34:27

I painted dark green tiles white, it took several coats and is a bit lumpy. With white tiles I might look out for stickers or transfers rather than paint.

AutumnWitch Thu 29-Dec-11 16:35:00

I tried it in our bathroom - sink splashback and countertop.

It dripped, ran, took ages to dry and stayed sticky then started peeling.

Still better than the hideous peach ones underneath.

I'm tempted to teach myself tiling as it's nowhere critical.

StickAForkInMeImDone Thu 29-Dec-11 16:36:56

Yes I did. Same experience as catpark.
Would special tile transfers be an option? <disclaimer I have never tried them>

Scarletbanner Thu 29-Dec-11 16:58:06

Thanks for the speedy replies!

Maybe i should try the transfers or stencils first, and then try the paint if that doesn't help.

hester Thu 29-Dec-11 19:19:44

I painted about a billionty square yards of deep crimson tiles in my kitchen. The prep took ages - the grease of years had soaked into them - and I then used a specialist primer and about six coats of kitchen paint. It really took a long time, but the effect is ok - not fantastic but so much better than before, and should keep me going till I can afford to retile.

There's some rather pleasing retro tile stickers on, which I would consider with white tiles.

xmyboys Thu 29-Dec-11 19:33:24

I painted brown/White ones pale blue.
About three coats!
Got a good three years out of the kitchen
Also painted cupboards at the same time.
Well worth the effort, no real problems with chips etc

WitchOfEndor Thu 29-Dec-11 19:36:35

I used ronseals tile paint (had to take the Dulux one off when it went on all bubbly). Used a small gloss roller and did my kitchen in one evening. Would do it again

yellowraincoat Thu 29-Dec-11 19:37:46

I moved into a house with painted tiles and it just didn't look right. Maybe it was the type of paint, but it just looked a bit tacky.

fishie Thu 29-Dec-11 19:41:05

same as catpark here too. it was a fish scale which did it and it all started to come off. can't you regrout?

SparkySparrow Thu 29-Dec-11 19:46:57

When I moved into my house the bathroom tiles were painted SILVER! shock It looked crap, and I imagine it would look crap any colour!

xmyboys Thu 29-Dec-11 21:18:14

Many friends couldn't tell the difference. Worth it as a cheap alternative if you can't afford to retile

nooka Thu 29-Dec-11 21:23:21

I painted both my bathroom and kitchen tiles with special tile paint. Looked really good for a while and then it started peeling and looked really bad.

Scarletbanner Thu 29-Dec-11 22:08:14

Thanks for all the ideas. The retro Mibo tile tattoos are lovely. Think I'll try those.

hester Thu 29-Dec-11 22:12:11

Let us know how you get on - I'm thinking of using them myself smile

ireallyhavenoidea Sun 11-Nov-12 22:47:31

Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I too have moved into a house where the tiles are awful but the new kitchen is phase 2 (about 2 years away!) and like the look of the Mibo tile tattoos.

Scarlet and Hester -did you ever use them? How do they look?

Thanks smile

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