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Removal costs

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Dotty342kids Wed 07-Dec-11 09:09:57

Hi everyone,

We're likely to be moving early Feb. Had a quick online quote from Pickfords the other day of approx £1200 for full packing and moving service and have got a local firm coming around to quote for us on Friday this week.
Just interested to hear what sorts of prices other people have paid for removals recently so I have something to bargain with!
We're only moving half a mile up the road but do want full packing service I think as we have LOTS of stuff and I might go slightly insane if I have to pack it all myself!

Mandy21 Wed 07-Dec-11 11:15:45

We had a quote for £600 from a very reputable local firm - but probably the cheapest. Do remember Pickfords being in excess of £1,000 so am guessing the local alternative will be cheaper.

That was for the provision of boxes a week before I think (but not actually packing them - we were going to do that ourselves), then moving (half a mile too) and then collecting the emptied boxes a week later. I think it does depend on the size of your house though and the amount of stuff you have. That was for a 3 bed house (with 3 children - you can imagine the amount of stuff) including cellar but no garage.

Hope that helps.

Dotty342kids Wed 07-Dec-11 12:06:03

Thanks, it does yes. I'm really hoping to avoid having to do the actual packing ourselves but am beginning to think, for finances sake, that we might have to!
Can I ask what bit of the country you're in as aware it might vary quite drastically from place to place?

BlueChampagne Wed 07-Dec-11 13:28:12

I'd pay for a packing service if you possibly can. Reduces stress levels massively.

Firawla Wed 07-Dec-11 13:31:35

we paid £650 for a local firm, i packed all myself so that was for just moving it and them dismantling and rebuilding some furniture. people have since told me i could have got it cheaper though, but over 1k just seems ridiculous!!!

Akandra Wed 07-Dec-11 16:29:11

I am paying £720 for packing and moving (not unpacking).

MatLeaveForever Wed 07-Dec-11 20:05:27

Definitely depends on how much stuff you have and how big your house is. We paid about £250 for our movers (local firm) for about 1/2 mile but we did the packing ourselves and had a 2 bed small house, so not loads of furniture/belongings. We did get a quote for packing but that would have been another couple of hundred. I'm sure you can find a cheaper quote than Pickfords! I'm in Greater Manchester by the way. Good luck.

drcrab Wed 07-Dec-11 20:38:24

Our quotes were between £550-£700. Local firms. No packing. Moved about a mile across town. South east.

drcrab Wed 07-Dec-11 20:39:16

Oh and we had a 2 bed terrace but lots of stuff. grin

Dotty342kids Wed 07-Dec-11 22:19:19

ooh well this is all sounding more reasonable. I wonder if I can get them to pack, but me to unpack (don't mind that side of it so much!).......

theyoungvisiter Wed 07-Dec-11 22:24:08

my god where are you all?! These are all so cheap!!

We paid just over a grand for a local firm to move our 2 bed flat half a mile. Pickfords quoted nearly double.

We did get a packing service though - surprisingly it was barely any more expensive (couple of hundred more) and it was SO worth it. Also they often won't insure you for boxes they haven't packed themselves, because they can't be confident you've packed them properly.

I have to say - they used about 8 times as much packing material as I would have done. Paper. Bubble wrap. The lot. There was a small skipload after we unpacked.

Akandra Thu 08-Dec-11 12:25:01

You can get them to pack but you unpack. I want to unpack so I can choose where things go but not pack. I get to keep the boxes they pack in for 1 month.

Firawla Thu 08-Dec-11 12:41:07

*young visitor*- my god where are you all?! These are all so cheap!! - my 650 one was for london, moving from one side of london to the other,and was for a 3 bed house. over 1k for a 2 bed flat seems like madness!!

SAMBAUKER Tue 25-Dec-12 20:08:28

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beingginger Tue 25-Dec-12 20:14:53

We paid £450 for dismantling and rebuilding furniture and removals but not for packing or boxes though they did some packing on the day of last bits of stuff. I'm in Manchester.this was from a local company

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