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Fallen in love with Harvey jones linear kitchen but not the price tag. Anyone seen similar??

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Staverton Thu 24-Nov-11 10:04:22

We need a new kitchen in our (hopefully) new house. Ive had white high gloss before in a previous house but am a bit worried it's going to start to look dated (sorry I have just offended all white gloss kitchen owners). I quite like shaker kitchens but they are a bit too country kitchen looking for my tastes and wouldnt really suit the house.

I love love love the Harvey jones LINEAR range. It's solidwood but clean lines instead of inset bits and looks sort of like a matt version of high gloss IYSWIM so I love it.

The other one I like is the handleless bulthaup as it's more of a Matt finish without looking melamine-y but that is waaaaayy out of price range

Can anyone help/ seen anything similar?

mistlethrush Tue 29-Nov-11 13:02:33

You'll just have to have a northern break and call in on the way past.... wink

eyestightshut Tue 29-Nov-11 22:04:31

Mistlethrush, would you mind pm'ing me their details too, please?

mistlethrush Thu 01-Dec-11 12:36:30

Will do grin (I hasten to add that I don't have ANY connection with them apart from having had one of their kitchens and recommended to others, including some in the home counties who still found it cheaper to have them build and fit it for them rather than use a local firm - however, I think a visit to their base would be essential)

artyjools Thu 01-Dec-11 16:28:36

Staverton - yes, happy to post what I get eventualy - but have to extend the house first, so won't be until next May time. I'm just thinking ahead!

Staverton Thu 01-Dec-11 18:52:08

Our extension isn't happening until Feb so probably not finished until April so we're not way ahead of you. From our last, much smaller project, though I learnt it was important to plan things far ahead and not rnake snap last minute decisions (as we did)

artyjools Thu 01-Dec-11 20:00:25

In that case, please let me know what kitchen you go for as our tastes are so alike grin

cougan Sat 17-Dec-11 12:59:54

Do a search for a guy called Roy Griffiths who owned Harvey Jones until 2008 hes still owns their old factory and is producing the same handmade units much better than the chinese stuff neptune sell. I was looking for an English butt hinged kitchen for ages but most of them have that cup hinge from a lay on door. He has a company called greenandfay but try to avoid the salesmen and go to the factory directly and they may give you a better price.

gobblygook Sat 17-Dec-11 14:07:21

I really like Harvey Jones linear, flat stuff. That inspired me - we're also renovating and doing a new kitchen. The price was ridiculous - partly because their carcasses are wood, I think. So we've got the carcasses from Howden's - builders like them, they're already made into units - and then working with a local carpenter (but a good one) to make the doors. These will be MDF, matt spray painted, handle-less, possibly with an oak edging (price dependent). We can choose from endless colour range.

It's definitely the cheapest way to get the look you want. Harvey Jones are for the wealthy only..

gillviola Sun 18-Dec-11 13:46:02

Hi Mistlethrush
Please can you send me the name of your joiner.

marthamydear Sun 18-Dec-11 20:47:55

Hi Mistlethrush,

If you would be kind enough to pm me the name of your joiner too please?

We are looking for a good finish on a smallish budget, and a recommendation is what I've been looking for.

Thanks in advance x

partyhats Sun 18-Dec-11 21:15:10

Hi Mistlethrush, I too would love the name of your joiner please!!

I have looked at Neptune but they only seem to do a small range of cabinets, looks expensive from the list prices.
Harvey Jones is prob way out of price range.
The ubiquitous Heritage grey only has standard 700mm high wall cabinets and small drawers.
Handmade kitchens direct looks good but will have to see what the price comes out as.

timidviper Sun 18-Dec-11 22:05:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Staverton Mon 19-Dec-11 13:14:12

Thanks everyone really good advice!
V v excited about our new kitchen...

sh77 Tue 20-Dec-11 11:20:46

following this thread with great interest.
mistlethrush - pretty please could i have his number also? i reckon you deserve commission from each MN sale!

Artyjools Tue 20-Dec-11 13:07:52

timidviper - where is your kitchen company based, please?

What have you decided to go for, Staverton? I am still faffing about trying to get planning prmission for our extension!

Staverton Tue 20-Dec-11 15:38:19

Artyjools- we haven't yet! Have exchanged so house is ours and planning permission and listed building consent have been submitted

Going to take thousands of copies of livingetc magazines with me over Xmas to decide!

I fancy one wall of wall to ceiling cupboards with integral cooker. I think I want to move away from traditional ceiling and base units and go for something more modern- it may be wood like the linear collection or Matt handlers White as people have suggested here. Exciting!

Might start a new thread on where people think kitchen trends are going...

timidviper Tue 20-Dec-11 22:38:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Staverton Sat 07-Jan-12 11:16:21

Just wanted to say thanks so much for everyones posts. Ive looked all the companies up and am a bit nearer a decision.
We've actually move away from the inframe look- I think it works well with the linear range as the drawers/ cupboards are so big compared to standard carcasses.

We're going to try and copy one of the roundhouse kitchen looks- will see if I can post a link in a bit. We want to buy cheaper carcasses and have doors made to measure out of mdf and have them painted White. With maybe a concrete worktop?

Has anyone done this? I had a look at howdens and ikea carcasses but compared to Harvey jones they seem quite flimsy. I might try mistlethrush's company and drive 200 + miles to see them!

Staverton Tue 21-Feb-12 20:30:18

Just to update - we in the end went for the Harvey jones linear as it was hassle free and we didnt like anything else as much.
We got 40 % off if anyone else wants to barter ....

amazonianwoman Tue 21-Feb-12 20:38:26

40% discount sounds reasonable smile

Are you able to give us a very rough price and number of units? Just trying to gauge how much HJ charge before I add that showroom to my list...

Pannacotta Tue 21-Feb-12 20:51:13

Wow 40% is pretty impressive.
Would also be interested to have a rough idea of price as I am quite keen on that kitchen, looks classy.
amazonian - I presume you, like me, are still not there with your kitchen smile

amazonianwoman Tue 21-Feb-12 21:06:32


Staverton Tue 21-Feb-12 21:09:53

A wall of three full height units (2.14m tall) including space for built in double oven
An island including space for dishwasher sink and 1m pan draws
a wall of base units - basically 6x standard units. But one being corner cupboard (so double width) one normal cupboard and 2 x with door front but internal drawer hidden behind
I don't like wall units so not having them
Whole thing was about £9500 including fitting and painting and handles but not including appliances and worktops ( which we will get elsewhere)
Oh and we don't pay VAT as it's an alteration to a listed building (extension) so that's a massive help
So not super cheap but not top bad
I think with appliances and worktops it'll be about £13000

I went to the unpainted kitchens worktop and was very impressed, they would copy anything and for the same units,but without painting and fitting, it was about £5500 (also without vat)

Green and fay kitchens in islington ( who owned HJ originally) were about the same price as HJ on the sale is extra discount by haggling


Staverton Tue 21-Feb-12 21:11:20

And I am superexcited!
I love the linear range. Just need to find a silestone/ quartz worktop cheaper then they are quoting...

amazonianwoman Tue 21-Feb-12 21:11:54

Aargghh phone playing up!

No, still going round in circles hmm

My main problem is that DH (accountant) thinks we should be able to fit a large wooden hand painted kitchen, with granite tops, range cooker, tiles/flooring, along with a 4m x 4m extension with pitched ceiling, Velux x 2, bifold doors, and other house alterations - all for under £30k. I despair!

Looked in Ikea today, the quality is pretty good for the price but just not wowing me...

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