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Roller blinds - in or outside of the window recess? (And good websites)

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WhatWouldLeoDo Thu 17-Nov-11 13:34:09

We're about to redecorate our bathroom and kitchen before putting our house on the market and want to put up some roller blinds. Would you fit them inside the window recess or outside? I'm not sure what would look best. The walls will be painted in plain colours.

I'd like to try and get something that looks nice without spending a fortune and wondered if anyone had any recommendations of good cheap online suppliers?


minipie Thu 17-Nov-11 14:55:58

I would definitely put them inside the recess if the recess is deep enough to fit them inside. Much neater.

The only exception is if the recess is so deep that it would be hard to reach the blind to operate it (only likely if you have a 17th c cottage though!)

can't help with suppliers (other than the usual John Lewis, B&Q etc) but I would recommend looking at samples of the fabric before you buy if you possibly can. In my limited experience, some of the roller blind fabrics are really plasticky whereas others are much nicer.

OxfordGold Thu 17-Nov-11 15:01:40

Agree with Minipie regarding the recess.

Have just used for 3 blinds, all was as it should be and would order from them again. Get samples of fabric before you order.

littlerats Thu 17-Nov-11 15:04:58

i ordered some roller blinds from here: about a month ago and they came exceptionally quickly and were excellent quality and really easy to fit. i did go for patterned ones though which were slightly more pricey, so not sure if the really cheap ones would be as good. we went for in recess ones as i think it looks neater - but it's personal choice i suppose. i didn't order samples from the site but you can apparently.

etyksm Thu 17-Nov-11 15:36:16

Before you decide to put them inside the recess, check how "Square" the recess is! It is much easier to disguise wonky walls etc when you haven't got a triangle of light round the edge of the blind :-)

minipie Thu 17-Nov-11 15:45:47

ah yes good point etyksm - if the recess is wonky shaped then you want the blind outside the recess so it can overlap any wonky edges.

WhatWouldLeoDo Thu 17-Nov-11 15:59:31

Thanks everyone. The window is quite square so I think the recess will be fine. I'll have a look at those sites too.

I think I need to get patterned ones for the kitchen but I'm a bit scared of patterns for some reason! The kitchen walls will be cream, the tiles are a light green and the cupboards are a sort of cherry wood. Ideally I'd change the tiles but with other work needing done the budget doesn't really allow.

Labradorlover Thu 17-Nov-11 17:55:37

Also don't get recess if your windows tilt inwards at the top when they open. Obvious.........blush

WhatWouldLeoDo Thu 17-Nov-11 17:58:55

Erm, not that obvious... blush

Tianc Thu 17-Nov-11 18:08:49

And make sure the blind clears any window handles or keys in handles, if you tend to leave them in. Apart from the blind snagging on them, you could have a permanent damp spot in winter from condensation on metal handles, with charming variations of rust stain or black mould.

Whorulestheroost Thu 17-Nov-11 18:19:19

Hi I can highly recommend very well priced. I would definitely hang inside the recess. smile

WhatWouldLeoDo Thu 17-Nov-11 20:13:16

I love MN. My windows open inwards so I'm going to have to hang the blinds on the wall rather than the recess which is a bit annoying. I guess it explains why the Venetian blinds that were up when we moved in were on the wall! Is it going to look rubbish though? I toyed with the idea of putting wooden blinds up in the kitchen but I don't want to spend any more than I have to and they'd be a faff to get up to to clean.

planestrainsautomobiles Thu 17-Nov-11 21:22:50

I've used Tuiss for online blinds - very good value and quality. Plus they send you as many samples as you want.

Betelguese Thu 17-Nov-11 23:05:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WhatWouldLeoDo Fri 18-Nov-11 10:46:46

Unfortunately the decision has been taken out my hands Betelguese because of the way the windows open, but you've made me think about putting something on the ledge to make it look a bit nicer.

Thank you for all the suggestions and all the websites - I'll have a good look over the weekend and get some samples ordered. There may be another thread asking for help choosing!

startail Fri 18-Nov-11 10:57:44

My kitchen blinds only ever shut 80% because I have too much rubbish on my windowsillblush

minipie Fri 18-Nov-11 15:54:49

grin Leo

must admit I didn't think of that either!

echt Sat 19-Nov-11 19:12:38

Check out the material the pull chain is made of, and the fixings.

If they are made of plastic, they won't be able to withstand the constant movement and will snap. You need metal.

falasportugues Mon 21-Nov-11 22:10:27

3 cheers for labrador i bought blinds before realising this might be a problem, and have been unable to use them!blushblushblushso well done from saving leo from this scenario! the window have now been replaced, and have a different mechanism, so i might check out if i can fit them now!

WhatWouldLeoDo Tue 13-Dec-11 12:56:41

Yes, thanks again Labrador - I definitely can't have in recess blinds so you saved me a costly mistake. Now to find some blinds...

Yankeecandlequeen Tue 13-Dec-11 13:32:27

Definately inside. I loathe them outside & they look like they don't belong there. I bought my "wooden" blinds from - brilliant quality & delivery x

pippala Tue 13-Dec-11 14:57:11

another yes to blinds to go. Really good service and quailty blinds. from as little as £30 for small kitchen window. They have good blackout blinds too.
If anyone needs a recommendation for Roman blinds i used roman blinds
Their fabrics are simply beautiful and I easily matched them to Farrow and Ball paint.
The blinds are such good quality with weights and fully thermal/blackout lined. Look way more expensive than I actually paid. £380 for three roman blinds in 3 window bay in Victorian flat.

WhatWouldLeoDo Tue 13-Dec-11 15:00:12

Yankeecandle - Unfortunately as I've said, I can't have inside blinds because of the way my windows open. I'll just have to live with loathsome blinds!

Thanks for the recommendation Pippala.

bounty007 Sat 28-Jan-12 20:32:14

Great tips! I was all set for having roman blinds until I read this thread....thanks labrador, saved me a lot of hassle!

Pannacotta Sat 28-Jan-12 22:03:44

Roman blinds look better than rollers outside the recess (IMO anyway).

Look at as another poster suggests, they have some decent looking roman blinds.

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