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The Wooden Window Workshop to refurb sash windows?

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3become4 Tue 08-Nov-11 13:30:49

Anyone used them to refurb original sash windows?

Or would you recommend anyone else? Have heard good things (on here!) about Marlis and Sliding Sash Solutions. Need to keep costs down though. The Wooden Window Workshop are quoting £250 +5% VAT but may offer a discount on that...

3become4 Thu 10-Nov-11 19:54:56


MaeMobley Sun 13-Nov-11 22:49:40

Hi 3become4, is the quote per window?

No recommendations. I got two quotes to replace our windows - horrendous (@£15k).

3become4 Mon 14-Nov-11 12:19:01

That is per window but only for refurb (draught proofing, new cords etc) not replacement. They do new timber sash windows too though. Think it was about £2k per window. Might be worth trying them. In fact I think even Everest was cheaper than your quote at £3-4k a window (for timber) but maybe your windows are much bigger.

Got Wooden Window Workshop coming tomorrow so will report back if you like.

MaeMobley Mon 14-Nov-11 19:24:37

Yes please do report back. Our windows are ok-ish but have been painted shut on the outside.

We live in a small terraced house.

3become4 Mon 14-Nov-11 19:28:17

In that case I think you'll need all the paint stripped off as well which I think costs about £300. Will report back tomorrow afternoon.

3become4 Tue 15-Nov-11 14:05:05

Ok, well the chap was very nice - cleaned the windows too, didn't leave the place too messy and was pretty quick. I'm satisfied with the work. The windows are draught proofed and work properly again. In hindsight I think maybe I should have had the full restoration with paint stripping etc to get the windows to run more smoothly and to get a good finish. As it is the frames are now a bit rough and chipped and will need sanding down, filling and repainting to look good. Their price seemed competitive to me so, considering what we paid, I'm satisfied. I wouldn't not recommend them. But I would recommend you get a few more quotes and make sure you know exactly what they'll be doing/you'll be getting and what finish/condition they will leave the windows in. Hope that helps.

Betelguese Wed 30-Nov-11 12:07:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlueChampagne Wed 30-Nov-11 13:25:00

We got ours replaced using The National Replacement Window Advisory Service who did an excellent job.

For a refurb you could ask around if anyone can recommend a local carpenter.

tmto2002 Sat 04-Feb-12 21:51:26

I used the Wooden Window Workshop for draught proofing last winter, and one year on I am not impressed. The brush pile inserted was of poor quality and is now flattened and peeling away in some areas. None was fitted to the bottom of the window at all (except on one window, strangely). The beading was not fitted at the right angle and therefore still lets some heat escape, and some of the beading is now splitting. In addition the minor repairs, rebalancing and cord replacement that they said they'd do as part of the 'full service' weren't done.

On top of this, it turns out that about half the windows need to be replaced now, these had been in a bad condition before (I didn't realise how bad) but The Wooden Window workshop had gone ahead and draft proofed them anyway, rather than advising me that it would be a waste of money draft proofing old rotten windows which needed to be replaced.

The whole cost for 10 windows was around £1,400 - this was a lot cheaper than the next quote up and their website looks professional enough and gave me no reason to suspect the work wouldn't be good. I am now looking for other (better!) companies to replace the rotten windows and do the work to a good standard, having pretty much wasted £1,400. Maybe I was just unlucky and got some bad workmen, but all the same, be careful.

nataliaspoon Sat 10-Mar-12 09:40:26

I had the wooden window workshop out to do my windows and they did a great job, I was very happy with the advice and the work. I take it from what they told me and what the website says that they do not push selling new windows, maybe restoration maight have been a better thing to ask for as they told me they do offer a full strip of all paint and fully restore the windows and repair all the rot, it just costs loads! not cheap by any means. I only have good things to say from my experience but I guess they may have done what you asked them to do? which sounds like basic draught proofing. How many windows did they do for you?

heliumballoon Sat 10-Mar-12 18:58:34

We used the Sash Window Workshop, for replacement not refurb. Spendy but we're happy with their work, will get them back.

JitBhail Wed 10-Jul-13 19:12:35

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JitBhail Thu 18-Jul-13 14:27:17

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