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Chimney sweep

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flatbread Tue 25-Oct-11 00:14:18

Have you used a chimney sweep and how much do they charge? Also, any guide, however rough, for the cost of installing a wood burning stove and lining an existing chimney?

Thanks much!

cece Tue 25-Oct-11 00:15:17

They usually cost about £40 to £50 around here.

bemybebe Tue 25-Oct-11 00:36:27

we paid 100 for two... (surrey)

pickgo Tue 25-Oct-11 01:14:33

Ooh ooh I'm doing a woodburning stove now.
It's a bit of a nightmare tbh!
STove I saw reduced and thought 'that'd be nice in my living room' .... little did I know how much was involved in installing it.
Lining chimney I was quoted £150 by roofer which I thought was quite good, but the liner (middle grade for solid fuel [341/904] is £18 per metre, plus clamp, chimney pot, cowl.
Then there's the hearth, connections, certificate, carbon monoxide alarm.... have just been quoted £900 for whole installation, which I think is quite good but still a lot.
STill I'm going ahead cos I've had the stive for 18 months now grin... and I'm cold, so cold ...

flatbread Tue 25-Oct-11 08:39:38

Thanks. We are being quoted 80 for an initial inspection and chimney clean and a bit over £1000 for the installion including materials for lining etc. (not including the stove, obviously)

Seems a bit high to us...we are in the North.

flatbread Tue 25-Oct-11 08:41:31

Pickgo, I know what you mean! Our installer says he can do the job in December...but it is already so cold now and I need the heat!

soonbesailing Tue 25-Oct-11 08:46:06

pickgo - do you def need a liner? some places will say you should have them, but they are not always necessary, it depends how old your chimney is and how much use it has had in the past.
We are about to have our second woodburner fitted without a liner.
The chimney sweep did a clean, inspection and smoke test (£45 per fireplace) and said all fine and no liner needed.

pickgo Tue 25-Oct-11 22:05:32

Not sure I do really - sweep said chimney chuffed away like a train! But feel the liner will give me peace of mind. It's a lot byt then its done for a couple of decades hopefully.

befrazzled Tue 25-Oct-11 23:25:09

If your chimney sweep says it will be fine without a liner don't bother with one. They're not going to say it doesn't if it does. We had a stove fitted earlier this year without a liner and it's been fine. Just make sure there's a cowl on your chimney pot

pickgo Wed 26-Oct-11 21:58:56

Did you get an installer to put yours in? I can't imagine they'd agree to pass it without a liner?
Have thought about installing myself but it's £210 to get Bldg Control out - so not a lot different to get installer to connect iyswim.

flatbread Wed 26-Oct-11 22:08:56

Pickgo, Don't you have to get building regulations out anyway at the end to check that everything is ok?

pickgo Thu 27-Oct-11 23:52:27

No not if installer is HETAS - they can pass their own work. Judging by the amount of variation in the ways the 3 installers I got quotes from, there's quite a lot of scope for 'interpretation'.

flatbread Fri 28-Oct-11 13:49:52

Ah, thanks pickgo

befrazzled Sat 29-Oct-11 15:55:21

DP fit ours, he renovates houses and took advice how to fit it from chimney sweep and stove company.

iambach Sat 29-Oct-11 23:12:17

Costs us 25 per chimney per sweep. We are up north.

Friend had two woodburners installed last year. It cost £1000 for one stove supply and fit and that included putting a liner in.

flatbread Sun 30-Oct-11 07:47:16

Lanbsch, £1000 included supply? That sounds really good!

flatbread Sun 30-Oct-11 07:48:40

I mean, supplying the stove too in that price...? That sounds incredibly well-priced

Pudden Sun 30-Oct-11 09:09:17

£25 here in north east england

We have just paid for installation of multi fuel stove; we provided the stove but hetas fitter provided everything else and his bill was £1100. This covered

travertine tile hearth
twinwall liner
oak beam mantel
sweeping chimney
knocking out and enlarging opening
all materials
co2 detector
all plastering and making good

It is fab <sigh>

Pudden Sun 30-Oct-11 09:10:16

oh and new chimney pot and pot hanger cowl thing

pickgo Tue 01-Nov-11 23:07:50

Just got another quote for £780 to install my stove - for liner and connection.
Have done building type work myself - opening fireplace, plastering and hearth.
So still not cheapest option but really fed-up now about not using my living room which I rather rashly cleared out a few weeks ago. This one can do it next week too.
Don't know what others experiences are but the worse thing about getting quotes has been the really patronising attitude of the blokes who've turned up.
Took no crap from this one this morning - felt a bit sorry for him when he left!

bubbles4 Tue 01-Nov-11 23:19:22

We didnt have our chimney lined because all houses built after 1972(which ours was) had to have a clay liner in the chimney and according to our HETAS bloke,because of this it didnt need lining.Having the stove installed was the best thing we have ever done,nice and warm now instead of shivering all the time.

flatbread Wed 02-Nov-11 17:57:29

Pudden, pick go and bubbles, I am so envious. You seem to be getting way better deals than us and are warm (or going to be soon). Our installer said he cannot do it till the new year

emmafrench40 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:08:53

We have had the best chimney sweep ever. Clean. Professional. Gave us advice on what to burn. Cornwall covered. A Swift Sweep. Newquay based. Not sure if on Facebook but definitely found him online yellow pages. Just had to recommend.

user1497007520 Fri 09-Jun-17 12:29:34

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

curcur Fri 09-Jun-17 13:09:30

Make sure they are HEATS registered. If not, definitely get some carbon monoxide detectors! I don't think it's something you should risk.

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