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Can someone tell me about Dulux Colour matching service? Where do I need to go?

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said Sat 22-Oct-11 11:36:39

How accurate is it?
Do I just show them a colour on a shade card and they'll know what I'm on about?
Do Leyland do the same thing?


whattheactualjeff Sat 22-Oct-11 14:19:47

homebase/b and q do it. I love it. You just take your colour along ( I recently got them to match a page from a magazine) they scan it in and the computer comes up with its match, and voila! genius. I think the reults are pretty good and I am fairly obseessed by colour accuracy.

whattheactualjeff Sat 22-Oct-11 14:21:32

yes, a colour chart is fine and leyland do it.

said Sat 22-Oct-11 15:43:33

Oh, excellent! I presume they have to do a whole tin at a time? Have you then had to go back for more and will it be precisely the same colour? Worried about ordering some and not being happy about it so though about just ordering the smallest amount at first.

whattheactualjeff Sat 22-Oct-11 19:24:08

yes get a tester pot. it isn't actually a random colour it's the nearest in existence to dulux's own range, so the computer chucks up the code for that. Try out your tester then get them to make up more from the code. does that make sense?

said Sun 23-Oct-11 13:47:58

Yes, very helpful. Thanks

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