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Moving into a house with a wash basin in the bedroom...

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BleughCowWonders Fri 21-Oct-11 11:47:37

Seems so quaint smile
We'll put in a en-suite probably, but I can't see us getting much use out of it. I'm not a sharing-bathroom type, so apart from brushing teeth, I guess it'll stay unused.

Unless someone has a bright idea?!

HappyAsIAm Fri 21-Oct-11 13:57:50

We have a washbasin in one of our bedrooms too - its an Edwardian house. When we moved in 18 months ago, I was all for getting rid of it somehow as the bedroom its in is in no way big enough to make an en suite.

But now I am pregnant with our second baby, we have decided that this bedroom will be the nursery, and all of a sudden I can see great advantages to having the washbasin in there when it comes to nappy changes etc.

I am so glad I didn't get rid of it!

BleughCowWonders Fri 21-Oct-11 14:09:37

I'm well past the nursery stage thank goodness

Maybe I could get kettle for early morning teasmile

JollyBear Fri 21-Oct-11 14:14:19

I had one in my bedroom at home. It was useful. I bathed dolls, as a teenager made hot drinks and used it as somewhere to be sick in an emergency!

ElderberrySyrup Fri 21-Oct-11 14:14:58

Ah, I remember in the 80s it was really posh having a washbasin in the bedroom! Seems very weird now. Can't think of anything worse than having one in a child's bedroom, once they're past the baby stage - the havoc and mayhem they could create....!

Witchathulu Sat 22-Oct-11 04:22:15

Our house had sinks in all three bedrooms when we moved in - I ended taking them out of the two kids' rooms, as the toddlers loved turning on the taps, and once we'd had a flood (in a flat,) that was it, they came out. I did keep the one in our room, as it has been useful for teeth, face, post-nappy change, baby bathing, etc. And if we were staying, I'd keep it in there.

Thzumbazombiewitch Sat 22-Oct-11 04:33:22

One of my friends lives in army quarters, and the house she is in currently has a basin in two of the bedrooms. Quite useful when guests are staying!

Grockle Sat 22-Oct-11 05:06:23

We have a washbasins in the spare room and I love it! V handy when guests are here (2 less people brushing teeth when we're all trying to go out) and fab for when I have foreign language students staying.

MOSagain Sat 22-Oct-11 14:09:23

We have one in our guest room which is really handy

CaptainNancy Mon 24-Oct-11 14:36:16

We had them when I was small... I used to love brushing my teeth in my own bedroom smile

I would never dared have been silly with the water though! (plus was the time of power-cuts, strikes, and all resources were v precious so I wouldn't have wasted water)

Brasso4 Mon 24-Oct-11 22:31:38

We have one in our bedroom initially I thought it would not be useful and we would change for an en-suite but actually I love it. We can brush our teeth and wash faces etc without using the main bathroom and tbh now don't fancy having an en-suite (something about a toilet in my bedroom puts me off) but find the sink really useful.

aylsham Mon 24-Oct-11 23:34:29

yes, we had one and I loved it. Great for putting make up on in your own bedroom (if you don't have an ensuite, which we didn't in that house). I changed the very ordinary wash basin for a beautiful Fired Earth marble round basin which I put on an oak vanity unit,so it became a feature as well. Only cost was the basin as all the plumbng was already there of course.

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