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Bedroom overhaul - what needs doing first?

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loopy9 Thu 20-Oct-11 22:24:00

I want to overhaul my bedroom, it's been a dream since we bought this house 4 years ago and I think it might really happen next yr!

It's L shaped, so we'd like to make the end piece into a walk in wardrobe..

This is the list that needs doing, but in what order?
- ceiling needs plastering its covered in really awful artex
- new radiator needs putting in the end that would be the wardrobe
- put in a divider / or sliding door between the bedroom and the wardrobe
- paint / wall paper entire room
- put flooring wardrobe bit and carpet in bedroom

Hmmm I think that is it! Eek looks like a job bigger than me...any advice gratefully received

Thank you x

noddyholder Fri 21-Oct-11 09:08:27

Strip it all out first and take up the current floor.Strip walls if there is paper. Get plasterer to do ceiling. Then change radiator as that involves taking up boards.Once this is done get a carpenter to to the doors for teh walk in wardrobe and any shelves etc you want in there as this will damage teh walls a bit so do it before you decorate. Decorate and once its done lay the floors. Then put all your stuff back!

loopy9 Fri 21-Oct-11 21:36:58

Wonderful, sounds like a plan.... :-)

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