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Ikea oven - how do I get some frickin' instructions for using it?!

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loomer Wed 19-Oct-11 12:19:49

We put in a new kitchen a few weeks ago - all appliances from Ikea (not my ideal choice but was only way we could afford to do it, with their interest-free credit). They all have their limitations and frustrations so far, but the oven in particular I am struggling to use because there are no instructions supplied with regard to all the various different settings and how to use them... instructions for installation yes, and a 'User Guide' which covers how to replace the bulb, remove the door etc.

Surely there must be some more information somewhere which is a bit more useful - so far I have only managed to glean (through trial and error) and when using the 'forced air' setting I should NOT lower the temperature by 10 or 20 degrees (as I would have done previously with my fan oven). This is so frustrating!

I have also tried searching via Whirlpool (who manufacture all the Ikea appliances), but still no joy with a model number. Has anyone else had any joy, or just figured it out by themselves?

theyoungvisiter Thu 20-Oct-11 08:18:36

Have you tried calling Ikea? Their helpline is good. The lady talked me through the installation instructions on the dishwasher on the phone.

It sounds like the user guide is supposed to be the instructions though. What exactly did you want it to cover? I presume it's got a key for the little pictures on the dial and stuff?

Often that kind of thing is just trial and error though. We recently had a new oven from John Lewis and it took a few weeks to work out whether all the various settings ran hot or cold or what. Currently I have to lower the temp by 20 degrees on EVERY setting, even the non-fan. None of this was in the instruction booklet but tbh I wouldn't expect it to be - it depend on your set up.

soonbesailing Thu 20-Oct-11 08:42:30

Should have come with instructions ( well mine did) I would call ikea or see if you can download them from their website. Lots of manufacturers now offer this.

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