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Ok so is this any better?

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Witchathulu Tue 18-Oct-11 11:05:27

Following on from my previous thread, where we asked for advice, we took some more pics, emailed them to the agent, and they've adjusted the listing here.

They didn't stick up our pics of the bathroom, so they must think that traditional taps won't appeal, although it could do with a bit of a tart up, but nothing major: shall post pics up here if you want to see. They also didn't stick up the pic of the 3rd bedroom or the hall, but I have a suspicion this might be because they think it might sell quickly? We have a viewing today at 1 and another on Saturday, and we had the 1st last Saturday. For us, 200 is the magic number anyway, so as long as we can get that, we'll be happy. What do you think? Achievable?

minipie Tue 18-Oct-11 12:06:38

definitely better with some pics of the bedrooms, shows they (or two of them at least) are nice and spacious.

hmm I'd still want some dimensions though - at least an overall square footage but ideally room measurements. Could this be added to the description rather than the floorplan (that is probably easier for the EA to do).

Can't say re price as I don't know the area, sorry!

hauntedstateofmind Tue 18-Oct-11 12:14:02

Can you add any details about the communal garden ie what is allowed and what isn't? For example- do people hang washing, have barbecues, let their dogs run loose?

Also where do you park? Is there any off street parking?

The flat looks fine but for many people living in an apartment is an unknown quantity so you might need to explain practicalities.

Witchathulu Tue 18-Oct-11 13:01:30

Yup - I told them that the parking wasn't 'first come, first served', but that the owner of the basement flat (who owns the driveway and garage) allows the other three flat owners a parking space each, so we all have one. So although it's not technically 'allocated parking' that legally comes with the flat, we have always done it like that, and it's not going to change any time soon!
They've got dimensions on the printed leaflet they give people:
Living Room
15'3" x 16'5" (4.65m x 5m).
15'3" (4.65m) x 9'8" (2.95m) Narrowing to 8' (2.44m).
Bedroom One
14'7" x 15'7" (4.45m x 4.75m).
Bedroom Two
15'4" x 14'8" (4.67m x 4.47m).
Bedroom Three
Irregular shaped 18'8" (5.7m) x 11'6" (3.5m).
Bathroom's quite small though.
As far as I can tell, I think we're fairly priced, but that's the thing we're finding hard to judge - we had some wildly varied valuations, and because a lot of the properties aren't similiar, it's a tricky one. The others all tend to be either purpose builts, so COMPLETELY different in size, layout, style, etc. or if they're converted's they tend to be in posher nick, but smaller, or may have a garage instead of a garden, but very rarely both. There's one not on the field, but opposite, a lower ground floor, in great condition, for 220. There's a 2 bed on the other side of the field with a kitchen & a dining room that together are the size of our kitchen. (You could fit a table in our kitchen for four, but for six of us, it's just a bit too tight so we use the space for a tumble dryer and an extra freezer.)

It's a good point about the garden haunted - at the moment it's rather unused, but the other residents would love to have someone do some stuff in it - it is used occasionally by the others for barbecues, etc., so it might be worth mentioning that. The ground floor owner has a dog, so I'm sure pets must be allowed, which I think would be another bonus for a dog owner. So really helpful points, thank you!

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