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Really unsure what to do - help!

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suebfg Mon 17-Oct-11 22:28:31

We sold our house a couple of years ago and have been renting. We've looked at lots of houses and in all this time, have only made an offer on one house and the offer has been accepted.

However, since the offer has been accepted, I've been overcome with anxiety. To cut a long story short, we made a mistake with our last house purchase and so I'm really (perhaps over) keen not to make a mistake again. I'm stressing about everything - is the house big enough? have we offered too much? does it need too much work?

DH is happy with the house and is only unhappy with my stressing him out. Funny thing is, every time I've been in the house, I think this is the one.

I think I'm going mad ...

Witchathulu Tue 18-Oct-11 05:15:05

I think it's perfectly normal to be worried about this - it IS a big decision, after all. It's where you'll be making memories and it's important to not only meet your functional needs, but be somewhere you feel comfortable, and look around and be aesthetically pleasing. I would trust your instinct that whenever you're there, you feel it's the right one for you - I'm not sure how else to reduce your worrying about it though - maybe try and change the focus ont o planning what you'll do to the place once you're in, to distract yourself? Get absorbed in planning the work you'll be doing and perhaps it'll help you start imagining how things are going to go a bit more?

AlpinePony Tue 18-Oct-11 05:18:45

I understand your worries. My first house was a mistake, too big for one person, too much maintenance and I got scared to go home after work. I said 'never again'.

We bought a house earlier this year and I've had none of those fears. Yes, we'll lose capital, but I'm happy with the house and it doesn't feel like the proverbial millstone. Good luck. It is possible to put those fears to bed.

tawse57 Tue 18-Oct-11 06:28:12

That is very interesting AlpinePony about buying too big a house, maintenance, etc. I went through a period of looking at properties too big for myself also - now I am grateful that I did not buy them and now, when I look at such houses, I have a sense of dread looking at how much work and cost is involved in maintaining them.

Glad that I am not the only one.

Amaris Tue 18-Oct-11 07:04:11

I can identify with this. I made a mistake with a house once - ours was living next to a large rented house with extremely hoisy neighbours - and this time round looking for things I realise that I have tried to make everything perfect when in fact this is impossible and there is always an element of taking a chance that things will be right. I also put an offer in on a house that was too big and then changed my mind (they did turn the offer down, but lucky escape!) I agree, if your instincts are saying that it's the right one then that's a really positive sign. A survey will pick up what work there is and then you can analyse whether you think it's too much. And I think you just have to let it go whether you've offered too much, as that's what felt right at the time and I presume you did research beforehand.

suebfg Tue 18-Oct-11 22:00:21

Thanks for the messages of support. We have looked at so many houses that it's no wonder I'm confused. I'll await the outcome of the survey and take it from there.

Feeling a bit better today smile

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