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Critique my house please! Why aren't we getting more viewings?

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NinkyNonker Mon 17-Oct-11 14:05:50

We have been on the market for about 2 months and have had only one viewing. We lowered the price a fortnight ago (we were on below agent recommendation anyway) and are now very well placed on Rightmove we think but no bites.

The Rightmove stats (click throughs etc) are very good, and apparently there have been a fair few enquiries but nothing further.

Is there anything glaringly obvious we, and the agents have missed?

We have had the house repainted (this is an old shot bizarrely) and have a sign up, but the agent has yet to retake the exterior shot...


SpringHeeledJack Mon 17-Oct-11 14:09:40

nudge the agent to take a new pic

that's the only obv thing wrong with it

am envy at your garden

seasidesister Mon 17-Oct-11 14:13:37

err.. declutter kitchen a bit, get the agent to take new pic and one of the exterior. Price at o/o £199,950.

NotJustClassic Mon 17-Oct-11 14:14:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KnitterNotTwitter Mon 17-Oct-11 14:16:59

Have a think about who you're expecting to buy your house - it seems like a young couple sort of place... you want to give the impression that they're going to have a fun time there with friends, BBQ's in the garden etc etc. Create the lifestyle dream for them....

Lounge furniture looks a bit oversized to me - makes the room look a bit small - if you can get a replacement sofa

Bathroom downstairs puts some people off - not much you can do about that though

Presumiably parking is at end of garden? Might be a bit quirky for some

Garden seems a bit chaotic/run down... can you spend a bit of time/cash sorting it out. Taking out the big tree would help... Also take down your washingline for the photos... Washing lines aren't part of the dream - they're part of the drugery...

Melindaaa Mon 17-Oct-11 14:17:01

I'm not overly familiar with the area even though I am just down the road in Bournemouth. There don't seem to be many similar properties on the Market in your area to coma pre them with. Our house has been on the Market a few weeks and no offers either. I love my house so don't understand why everyone else doesn't, too ;)
Hope someone more helpful comes along soon.

deviladvocate Mon 17-Oct-11 14:19:15

It may simply be that there are lots of houses on the market that are in the same price range - pretend you're a buyer for your house and look at the alternatives, what's the presentation like? The first thing I noticed was that the exterior shot shows some flaking paint, so if the house has been repainted definitely get the new shot on there. The kitchen looks very nice. The living room looks oddly simultaneously cluttered (very busy shelves, lots of baskets) and a bit bare - very little on the walls, no curtains or cushions. The conservatory looks good although I'd put the table in the middle of the room instead of against the wall, also why is there some garden screening on the wall? It's not clear how big the garden is as it's cut up with lots of fencing - is it yours all the way to the greenhouse? Could you remove some of the fencing? Is there a reason you don't have any pics of the bedrooms or bathroom?

Hope that helps!

AMumInScotland Mon 17-Oct-11 14:29:33

Front picture does look like it needs the new paint

Living room - looks cluttered, which makes it seem small. A couple of bright-coloured cushions might liven it up too.

Kitchen - whats that in the window? Again, lots on surfaces makes me think not enough cupboards

Dining room/conservatory - it looks an odd camera angle? and a bit bleak - tablecloth? bowl of fruit? lose the bunting?

Overall, it seems cluttered and a bit "dull". You need to sell an idea of life there a bit more. Bright coloured accessories, but just one or two per shot and remove everything else out of sight!

ElderberrySyrup Mon 17-Oct-11 14:29:40

yes he needs to get onto it with the exterior shot, it is oddly offputting and unfriendly looking - maybe it is something to do with the angle the door is at.

the inside is very nice and the garden is lovely, though it could be trimmed back a bit. My overall impression was very good - a nicely decorated house in good condition.

Your asking price is cheap compared to similar houses on Rightmove, but have you found out how it compares with actual sold prices? You can be cheaper than your neighbours but still more than anyone wants to pay in that area. Zoopla is good.

Good luck. Someone must want to live there, it's a brilliant area, specially with kids! (MIL lives very near.)

KnitterNotTwitter Mon 17-Oct-11 14:30:20

devil bedroom and bathroom pictures are 6-10 you need to click on the arrow to the right of picture 5!

elah11 Mon 17-Oct-11 14:36:16

I think the photos are not doing it justice at all. The interior ones are not showing the whole room, and that makes them look small. Also like the others say declutter your sitting room smile, and repaint the front, it looks a bit uncared for. other than that its lovely, esp the garden. Good luck!

NinkyNonker Mon 17-Oct-11 14:38:41

Thanks all, feel a bit sad now (hormonal), it is such a lovely house!

The agent recommended not having professional (he took these), wide angle photos as people may not believe them, do you think they may be worth doing after all?

MyMelody Mon 17-Oct-11 14:39:16

i think it looks really lovely, very cosy and lots of character, i think houses are just not selling at the moment unfortunately, round my way there are very few houses up for sale and the ones that are have been up for a long time, the markets just not moving

NinkyNonker Mon 17-Oct-11 14:40:42

Ps, the garden screening was apparently to add texture to the dull, plain white pvc conservatory wall!

AMumInScotland Mon 17-Oct-11 14:43:44

You may not need professional photos, but the agent or photographer should have done a little more to rearrange things for the photos, or asked you to do it. I know a bit of clutter shouldn't make any difference, but people generally have a lot of difficulty in imagining their own "stuff" there unless you give them a fairly blank picture to work with.

My parents are selling at the moment and took some pleasant-enough photos thinking the agent could use them. The agent came round and halved the amount of "stuff" visible and just dressed the place a little. His photos look much better than my parents ones even though the rooms and furniture are exactly the same.

throckenholt Mon 17-Oct-11 14:44:31

can you get the streetview link moved so it actually shows your house rather than the engineering place a bit down the road ? It does change the feel of the immediate area when you get to the right house !

RedHotPokers Mon 17-Oct-11 14:44:46

Get the outside shot and living room shot redone - living room especially looks a bit dingy in the photo. Maybe get rid of the chair in the living room to make it more spacious. Also get rid of bamboo screening in conservatory.

Apart from that, it looks really nice. Bathroom, bedrooms and gardens are all lovely - so perhaps ask the agent to focus on them.

ElderberrySyrup Mon 17-Oct-11 14:45:40

y AMumInScotland - eg he could have straightened the garden chairs! I can't believe he didn't even bother to do that!

When I sold my last house the agent did a bloody good job of making it look nice just with a few little tweaks and (literally) piling the clutter into one corner of the room and standing in that corner to take that photo!

BupcakesandHaunting Mon 17-Oct-11 14:46:26

I like your house and I would definitely put it on my to view list if I lived in Dorset and if I were on the market...

However, the exterior photo is not good. Is there any way that you might be able to repair the crumbled plaster underneath the downstairs window? The outside looks a bit austere and doesn't give any clue as to what's inside, which is lovely (remember, a lot of people still look for houses by roaming the streets in their cars so don't rely on the websites only) Could you put up a hanging basket to the left of the door? I know it's a PITA but homestly, when we were selling, I didn't believe how much difference having a few pots on my steps/hanging basket/re-painted window frames would have in terms of getting viewings.

Good luck and don't be sad. Your house is nice. smile

thinNigella Mon 17-Oct-11 14:49:09

It's really nice! I love the kitchen. It is, um a little compact for £200k in my opinion...

LalalalalalaSummerHoliday Mon 17-Oct-11 14:52:07

Hello, don't feel down, we just want to help!
I think it looks a really lovely house (and don't think the kitchen needs decluttering at all, looks really homely in a UK sense, not US!).
I would take down those shutters on the outside, as they give a very dated look and make me fear the inside is going to be decorated in the Duckworth style.
If you can manage to put a drape of some kind around the living room window, would be nice. Lovely room though.
Didn't understand the bamboo in the conservatory either! Not good! Looks like you're hiding something bad.
And is the Audi included in the price?

Really, I think it's a lovely house, nicely presented, and only those shutters and the bamboo need dealing with.


BupcakesandHaunting Mon 17-Oct-11 14:53:31

ps Meant to say, can you do things like move the bottle of squash from the kicthen windowsill/hide away some of the stuff on your living room shelves just whilst you get the pictures re-done? My estate agent was brilliant and told me what needed moving before he took the pictures. Good job he did or else there would have been an economy box of Tampax on top of the loo in my bathroom shot. blush

NinkyNonker Mon 17-Oct-11 14:55:38

I know, but such is the area we live in!

I think I'll look into some temp storage to get clutter out and get DH to have serious words with the agent, I'm not his greatest fan as he talks over me etc...I think he may need a little boot up the bum.

We're thinking about staying and putting single story extension where conservatory is, knock wall through to make big kitchen/diner, but may do one big push before deciding...

NinkyNonker Mon 17-Oct-11 14:56:36

Sorry, the area point was to Nigella!

KnitterNotTwitter Mon 17-Oct-11 15:04:53

Good idea about the plants out the front - I like hanging baskets smile

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