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Please describe your living rooms- I need inspiration- colours for walls etc.

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tiredemma Sun 16-Oct-11 11:19:58

Just in the process of re-decorating our front room.

Its a blank canvas- walls stripped back to brick etc.

We are having an open fire built at the end of this month- in each alcove I am having built in cupboard/storage. Plan to have exposed floor boards (but with huge rug.

I have one large chocolate brown leather sofa and one soft material 'wheat' coloured sofa (so need some inspiration that will 'fit in' with these colours)

I plan to paint the shelving/cupboards in the same colour paint that I would use on the walls of the alcove. Im not sure yet whether this will also match all of the other walls.

Im beyond rubbish with interior decoration and imagine that most of you have lovely cosy living areas. I would love some advice on accessories and colours.

tiredemma Sun 16-Oct-11 17:39:41

any inspirational ideas???

fresh Sun 16-Oct-11 19:03:07

Is it a light room? North or south facing? And will it be mostly used in the day or for evening TV?

Our living room is used mostly for TV at night so it is cosy. I have smoky amethyst wallpaper (almost plain, just a slight texture), a pale grey carpet, one toffee coloured sofa and one cloudy blue, grey Ikea Hemnes TV unit, and pale grey and black accents in pictures, cushions etc. The tan sofa brings a bit of warmth. Lighting is low, via table lamps and 2 wall lights with low wattage lamps in. Curtains are stone coloured.

None of this may work for you however! Depends on how you're going to use the room. With the elements you list, all of which are pretty neutral, you can do almost anything. Which I appreciate isn't much help....grin

EggyAllenPoe Sun 16-Oct-11 19:08:41

i tried a whole stack of living room colours - we wound up with 'first frost' from dulux light and space range (nice paint effect, very reflective, lightens a small room)

though i think of the ones we tried....'alabaster' by 1829 would probably suit the room you describe better.

HoneyPablo Sun 16-Oct-11 19:12:03

My lounge is very long and has huge great windows down one side overlooking the trees in the garden. I have 2 deep burgundy walls, (the 2 end walls) and 2 sandstone walls. I have a black wallpaper with spooky trees to go the chimney breast wall. I have black chandeliers and dark wood furniture with 2 burgundy sofas, with a woodburner and a mahogony fireplace. It's my goth-inspired room grin(think Merlin medieval type goth rather than emo type goth)
I have a green carpet but really want wooden floorboards and I love the curtains in the palace on Merlin- they would just fit in so well.

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