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Moving bathroom upstairs and creating more space in kitchen

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Amaris Sun 16-Oct-11 09:24:59

I wonder if anyone can help me with some ballpark costs for doing this - or at least any bits of this if you have done similar.

I have seen a Victorian terrace, which ticks my boxes rather than loving it, so trying to work out what remodelling it would cost. I am not thinking that this work would increase the value, it's more about it suiting us.

Typical layout, two receptions and kitchen downstairs in original house, three bedrooms upstairs, then lobby and bathroom in single storey extension at the back. I would like to:

- Move the bathroom upstairs to bedroom three above the kitchen, keeping existing bathroom furniture but needing to sort out plumbing, electrics, tiling etc.

- Open out the space left at the back - lobby and bathroom so that it's part of the kitchen - this would involve knocking down the original exterior wall (which is now interior!) and putting in an RSJ and knocking down the wall between the lobby and the bathroom in the extension. So all the works would be inside the existing building, no further extension needed.

- Blocking up the back door in the side of the kitchen and fitting patio doors at the end (where the bathroom window is at the moment)

- The kitchen units, plumbing etc. would stay where they are, and the space created at the back would be for a breakfast room / space, so the work that would need doing would be electrics, plastering etc. and no additional costs in kitchen units / fitting.

- Possibly (probably) moving the water tanks that are in a cupboard in the lobby and replacing boiler with a new combi boiler.

Thanks in advance!

Amaris Sun 16-Oct-11 09:26:17

Sorry I should say we are in the East Midlands!

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