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What is a Landlord allowed to do during a property inspection?

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NotMostPeople Sun 16-Oct-11 02:02:05

We moved to a new city a while back and rent a house here whilst renting our house out back in the old town. During this time we've had quarterly inspections from the letting agents, including one last month. Recently the Landlord asked the agents to take photographs, not of repairs but of the oven and long shots of various rooms in the house. This Landlord is a nightmare and drags out repairs to the extent there are still some outstanding repairs from when we moved in over a year ago.

Now he has asked to inspect the house himself. He has no idea of the laws regarding renting and often suggests things that are not standard ie. We replace White goods that break. I am nervous about him coming here and I think he's the sort to open cupboard/drawers and take more photographs. Id like to be clear on my rights before he comes.

I wasn't happy about the photos as it seemed to be more about our furniture and kids bedrooms rather than pics of leaky taps iyswim. Does anyone know what I can say no to?

flatbread Sun 16-Oct-11 08:30:46

Why is your LL coming? Just say no, if he is coming around for a nosy, not to actually carry out repairs. You have a right to quiet enjoyment of your rental property.

gregssausageroll Sun 16-Oct-11 08:33:58

Yes you can say no and also you can say no to photographs that are not specifically of damage.

When we rented, the LL wanted photos to advertise the house on the web as we'd bought. We said no as we didn't want our personal items on the web. He was pissed off but tough.

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Sun 16-Oct-11 13:20:32

Quarterly inspections?? That is so intrusive.

scaryteacher Sun 16-Oct-11 17:35:05

Well, my letting agent does quarterly inspections to see if anything has cropped up that needs doing and to iron out any problems that have arisen. As I am abroad it is useful, and gives me warning that things need doing/have gone wrong.

When I go with her on one of the inspections (usually in the summer), I take chocolates for the tenants, and just have a look at what has been done over the year (new windows for example), and get a feel for what we may need to budget for in the coming year (guttering or the tree being crowned). I also get to hug my range and my house and look at where my cats are buried.

nocake Sun 16-Oct-11 21:50:38

We wouldn't check our flat that frequently. There is a right to quiet enjoyment of the property and inspecting that frequently may be infringing that. I would suggest you refuse to allow the agent to come round more than once a year, unless you have a problem with the house, and also refuse to allow photos to be taken.

MoreBeta Sun 16-Oct-11 21:59:31

NotMostPeople - 'long shots of rooms'.

That sounds to me like he is an accidental LL who treats you like you are just staying in a bed and breakfast or short let holiday cottage and walking in and out like it is HIS house. It also sounds like he is preparing the house for sale while you are in it (hence the photos) and this explains why he is unwilling to do repairs - he does not want to spend any money on it but expects you to still pay his mortgage.

You have a right to quiet enjoyment. That means you can refuse entry except where he needs to enter to make repairs. I have rented for 25 yrs and normally compromise on inspection every 6 months - there is no need to start a war.

I have had the expereince of renting from an accidental LL who were trying to sell the house though. It was a similar experience to the one you are having. Do not on any grounds let the LL start showing people round the house while you are living there.

NotMostPeople Mon 17-Oct-11 21:01:15

I don't think he's planing to sell as we've asked if he'd sell to us and were told that if he does decide to we'd have first dibs. He attitude is that he is doing us a favour and that anything that goes wrong in the house is our fault. We pay a lot to live here, so it's really not on.

I am very nice to my tenants, who in turn have been great. This guy doesn't seem to get it.

I've found the whole renting process very stressful when really you have no come back if they don't do repairs.

MoreBeta Mon 17-Oct-11 21:30:45

NotMostPeople - if he is not doing repairs you can talk to your local council. The council will have an officer who's job it is to oversee tenants and many councils are very hot on this issue and a short word with your LL from the council to do critical repairs and explain his obligations may do the trick.

Unfortunatley, there are LL out there who's attitide is that tenants are a lower form of life and that 'homeowner' is doing them a favour by allowing them to live in their beautiful home.

scaryteacher Mon 17-Oct-11 22:16:44

Having just had an angry email from my neighbour about my tenant, perhaps quarterly inspections are a good thing, as my agent will be able to go round and diffuse the situation I hope. The next inspection is due soon.

The problem with my tenants is that things go wrong, and they moan, but don't let you know there's a problem until the inspection. That's why I have quarterlies, so at least stuff is picked up asap and can be dealt with.

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