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The stress of it is making me *wibble*

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AhsokaTano Thu 13-Oct-11 21:48:42

So, following the boiler certificate saga we are now hitting a new problem in the barrel of laughs that is our house buying process.

Our buyer is now pushing to exchange by 31st Oct as their buyer is threatening to pull out if this doesn't happen. Our solicitor has said that the local search on the property we are buying won't be back until the 1st Nov. Our mortgage company needs 5 working days between exchange and completion.

So, I now have no choice that I can see apart from to go against my solicitors advice and break the chain by exchanging and completing by the end of the month. Unfortunately I have 2 kids and no family locally so I'll have to find somewhere to live for a couple of weeks. sigh

It appears that there is no way for the searches to be expedited and nor will our buyer hang on for a couple of weeks.

It's all just such a pain in the arse.

drcrab Thu 13-Oct-11 22:35:43

My solicitor told me that searches can now take only 3-5 days!!!! Get your solicitor to get a move on.

Amaris Fri 14-Oct-11 07:11:01

Surely their buyer won't really pull out for the sake of a few days / couple of weeks. Call their bluff. (But get your solicitor to get a move on too in the meantime!)

Sushiqueen Fri 14-Oct-11 07:16:58

We had that with our purchase. We were buying a brand new property and the completion was delayed.

We were getting pressured by the chain below us as they had been ready to go for awhile. So we ended up putting all our stuff in storage and living in a hotel for 6 weeks. Not ideal but at least I didn't have to do any housework for awhile.

We had a fridge in the room and friends let me use their washing machines/dryers etc. Dd loved it, especially as the hotel had a pool, so she and DH were there most of the evenings. It was 4 years ago and she still asks if we can do it again sometime.

We managed to get a deal from the hotel as we were staying for a while and they made sure we had the biggest room available.

I would push your solicitor though to get moving. As the others said, i can't believe they would want to pull out for the sake of a week-2 weeks. After all they have paid money for surveys/searches as well.

AhsokaTano Fri 14-Oct-11 07:25:35

I was thinking that if worst comes to worst and we do have to move out I could ask if we could rent the house we're buying, it's empty as the owner has gone into a care home and it's being sold by her family.

I'll get onto the solicitor this morning though as on the council website it says it can turn around a search in 5 working days for £150 odd. It looks as if she has applied for the searches through an intermediary which is slowing the whole thing down.

Let's see what today bringssmile

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