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What to do and what are the implications for us?

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eyestightshut Wed 12-Oct-11 22:04:16

Thought I'd see if anyone could advise before doing anything formally..
In short we've had our home buyer report which values the house at 8K less than the mortgage valuation. (Our Surveyor was at the house for 5hrs, report is really thorough with photos to support points he makes re condition).
We've had our mortgage offer through, so what do we do? Just ignore it? Speak to the mortgage company? Negotiate further with the vendor?
All suggestions and previous experiences greatly appreciated!

Redbluegreen Wed 12-Oct-11 22:14:59

If you've had a mortgage offer, the mortgage company will be satisfied with their valuation, so unless you manage to get the price down it's pretty irrelevant to them.

However, if you think that your surveyor has uncovered things that you had not been aware of, especially if they will cost you to rectify, then definitely negotiate further with the vendor. Your job is to pay as little as possible, they are going to want as much as possible, but even if it's only a little off it all helps!

Hassled Wed 12-Oct-11 22:18:26

If it's going to cost you a fair whack to put these things straight, then yes, negotiate with the vendors. You have nothing to lose.

When we last sold (years ago), the survey found roof problems we didn't know we had. I think the purchasers managed to get 50% of the cost from us.

JohnnyRod Thu 13-Oct-11 20:18:55

Deffo try to bring the price down. At the least you can show your valuation, but if there are things that need rectifying then you want money for them too. Worst case is you pay the same amount you would have, if you're prepared to, so you've nothing to lose.

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