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What colour/shade of white paint for gloss white kitchen?

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wickedfairy Wed 12-Oct-11 18:02:28

As above really - we are having ikea gloss white units and want white walls (will be getting a coloured splashback).

Can anyone recommend a nice shade of white for the walls please? Am worried that a shade will make the doors look yellowy or pinky or something.

Does anyone already have white walls and a gloss white kitchen? If so, what make/colour of paint did you use?

Thanks :-)

PigletJohn Thu 13-Oct-11 13:03:12

some people (including me) think that too much white makes it look like a mortuary or a public loo.

I prefer a very pale warm colour.

minipie Thu 13-Oct-11 13:33:42

I would go with an off white/very very pale grey type colour rather than a white white. Something like Boulder by Sanderson, or Great White/Strong white by F&B.

wickedfairy Thu 13-Oct-11 13:58:51

Thank you for your replies!

We were thinking white because we plan on getting a coloured glass splashback (about 2.2metres long) for the entire length of the wall where the cooker will be. Plan is to get a sage green kind of colour, so was wanting to keep the walls neutral so that the glass stands out. Not sure a colour would go as well, although I LOVE plae greys!!

minipie Thu 13-Oct-11 14:24:18

Strong White by F&B has greeny tones (I think) so would pick up the sage green of the splashback. It's not really a grey or a colour, it's an off white, very pale. Just a bit more interesting than pure white and shows the dirt less easily too.

If you do want white, I'd avoid Pure Brilliant White (it's quite bluey/cold) and go with a plain white like Dulux Supermatt Trade White. (I have tried posher whites such as Shirting by Little Greene Company but frankly it just looks like Dulux Supermatt so why pay the extra...!)

jcdefo Tue 06-Nov-12 20:45:43

hi minipie, on your advice I just cancelled a little greene "shirting" order and got myself 30litres of dulux trade white supermatt. thanks you just saved me hundreds of pounds! smile Now I am in two minds as to the finish. I want to use it in the whole house - do you recommend supermatt for this, i know it is not as hard wearing but i'm hoping that the chalky (if there is one) finish will make up for that as i'm happy to touch up if there are ever any marks.
Do you regularly use supermatt on old walls i.e. not new plaster because you prefer its finish to the likes of vinyl matt/ vinyl sheen?
look forward to hearing from you , happy to return paint if you recommend another finish.


ArbitraryUsername Tue 06-Nov-12 21:57:49

We've got a new white gloss kitchen, with sage green metro tiles as a splash back and oak worktops. We painted the walls that have wall cabinets on them in bog standard white (the cheap stuff that comes in huge pots from the decorator centre that is also on the ceiling). It's only the bits above the cabinets (as I'm too short to reach the top two shelves on them without a stool and I have no intention of putting cabinets that I have to get a ladder out to reach shelves in no matter how often I hear on here that cabinets that go up to the ceiling are the best thing ever).

On the actual walls that you can properly see, we've gone with a pale greeny-grey: dulux dusted moss 3. We used their trade diamond matt for scrubbability, but you could get it in supermatt if you wanted. It's absolutely lovely in there. We have oyster slate on the floor, so the subtle grey works very well with that and the sage green wall tiles. It actually makes them more interesting than if we'd gone with white all over the walls (as no imagination DH wanted to do). Now it's painted he agrees.

Pandam Tue 06-Nov-12 22:46:48

We went for absolute white with our gloss white kitchen. Very pale green tiles for splash back. Pale oak floor and worktops. 6years on and it still looks great in a Scandi kind of way. Don't fear the white. The continentals don't!

sparkay1 Thu 08-Nov-12 01:28:30

ArbitraryUsername, your kitchen is EXACTLY what i am thinking of getting! Just cant decide on gloss slab cabinets or a matt version! Was wondering if the sage green tiles would look too 'country' next to a gloss cabinet which could look more modern. Do you have any pics you could share? I really want to see how the sage green tiles will look with it all. Im probably going to go for an oak laminate as its less maintainance. And debating about a slate grey floor tile or some sort of natural colour....and then there's the sink! Lol! So hard to decide!

ArbitraryUsername Thu 08-Nov-12 15:13:49

I've put a photo on my profile (MN has turned it the wrong way up though). I don't think the tiles look country at all. They look lovely with the gloss units. The kitchen isn't enormous and it's east facing, so the gloss helps make the most of the light. We've got a Belfast sink and a lovely black range too.

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