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London to Hastings commuter line

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monkeytennismum Wed 12-Oct-11 15:32:02

Does anyone/'s DH commute into London from a point on the London-Hastings train line? We're currently in London but looking to move out somewhere along this line and DH works in town. Obviously I'm going to do some research myself but thought you helpful ladies might be a good starting point!

We currently have 3 DCs under 7 so would want good primary and secondary state schools. And I'm thinking large village / small town so amenities are walkable.

Thanks in advance smile

Metalhead Thu 13-Oct-11 14:44:25

We live in Tunbridge Wells, which has two stations on that line - Tunbridge Wells and High Brooms. I sometimes have to go into London, and the train to London Bridge takes about 45 minutes, but it gets very busy at peak times and you're unlikely to get a seat if you have to get a train before 8am (unless you go first class maybe...).

PanicMode Thu 13-Oct-11 21:01:15

We're also in Tunbridge Wells - great schools (if you can get into a good primary - catchments are tiny)/grammars/secondaries. The amenities and countryside around is wonderful. But the commute is unreliable and heinously expensive - the season ticket is now close to £4k and will go up 3% above inflation for the next 2 years because of the crap franchise contract the government gave southeastern. You will get a seat if you pick a train which starts at TW, but from High Brooms, no chance!

Witchathulu Fri 14-Oct-11 16:40:37

ALL the secondary schools in Hastings have an Ofsted of 3 - we looked into moving to Hastings from Eastbourne where we are now, as the houses are cheaper there, but the schools have put us off. They have started 2 academies there, but there's no guarantee they'll be any better and of course aren't Ofsted rated yet.

I can recommend Eastbourne though - it's a lovely place to bring up kids, prime commuter territory, fantastic schools (I worked at the big one, where DD went and DS1 is now) - DH says it takes the same time from here as it did from Brighton and would do from Hastings. But it's too expensive for us now, so we're planning to step off the market for a bit, try out the other side of London near his family, and see how it goes. I'd say take a look at our flat that went on the market today! but I don't know what your budget and needs are! grin

monkeytennismum Sat 15-Oct-11 21:21:16

Oh dear, perhaps we won't move out! DH is not the best commuter (proved when we lived in Brighton for 2 yrs) so would not be willing to stand for too long. This also rules out Eastbourne Witchathulu but hope someone takes your flat soon grin

Thanks for your replies ladies. Will see if any other areas are suggested, otherwise it's back to the drawing board.....

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