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when you sell your house, are you supposed to fill any holes etc?

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carriedababi Tue 11-Oct-11 12:25:20

you know the sort of holes left behind by taking down towel rails etc?

tyhe other thread about cleaning got me thinnking about what a tate this house was in whenwe moved in.

also theres was rubbish in the garden, a wire fence hidden behind teh shed and variuos other crap hidden down the sideof the shed, such as old curtain poles etc

there was crap left in the loft, xmas decs, chairs, papers, junk

stillstanding Tue 11-Oct-11 12:27:31

You don't need to fill in any holes for, e.g. picture hooks, but be careful what you take down as you may be removing fixtures as opposed to fittings. I would expect a towel rail to still be there when I moved in unless it had been discussed ...

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