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Neutralise WHOLE HOUSE to sell?

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EttiKetti Mon 10-Oct-11 09:38:30

I have painted our "middle room" magnolia (snore) from heath green, which loved, and have to admit it looks cleaner, brighter, BIGGER!

"Front room" is cream and charcoal and as the ceilings are 3m+ I shall not be redecorating as it would mean some wallpaper stripping PLUS altho its been done around 6years now, its still a current trend, so am going to leave it. Its in good condition, not heavily used so not shabby.

Kids bedrooms are white, and white and green, fresh, don't need doing, mine I shall neutralise as its brown and olive (nicer than it sounds!) and is a big room but I feel like it needs freshening up anyway. Bathroom is stone coloured big tiles and recently done, hallways are buttermilk and recently done.

Kitchen, however, is cream shaker style units and one wall coffee (but going to do it magnolia) aznd the red cherry red. There isn't a lot of wall showing, as its the unit walls that are this colour, but would this put you off? Its freshly plastered, so would only need painting over, but we had it coffee coloured (FB smoked trout or dead salmon, can't recall whicih I went for!) and it was soooooo bland!

WWYD? Last house was all cream as was V pokey and needed to be....

7to25 Mon 10-Oct-11 09:50:30

Hi Etti,
I don't think that Magnolia is ever a good choice.
It reminds people of student rentals.
It is quite a "difficult" colour and will clash horribly with your cream shaker units.
Having said that, I would neutralize the red with a neutral darker than the shaker units so that they pop. I haven't seen your room of course, but what about Fired Earth pearl ashes or malm?
Depends on the light in the room.
People have strong feelings about red!
Good luck!

EttiKetti Mon 10-Oct-11 10:14:18

I hate magnolia, in middle room it actually looks much creamier, iyswim, and have accessorised with plum, so its not too studenty grin Agree in kitchen, its north facing too - do very much like peearl ashes! Love malm but think too dull for such a dark room - the red actually really brightens it up somehow! Thank you smile Will go hunt (not paying Fired Earth prices just to sell it wink)

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