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utter panic in face of diy

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showmethemummy Sat 08-Oct-11 15:00:29

so we have a plan to do what's really a basic facelift on our three bedrooms, lounge,landing and entrance area. Hopefully some plastering, painting & carpeting- we live in a small ex-local authority maisonette.

what's the problem you say? i have 3 dd's -6y,4y,20months.

someone is doing the work for us. However. I guess I'm faced with packing up the most of the flat, and totally overwhelmed.

Any coping tips/ strategies?? Work should be being done in the week before and then during half term. (And then probably after...)

Mammonite Sat 08-Oct-11 20:39:38

We are packing at the moment as well. Can you work it out so you always have a safe space for the children, somewhere to sit down and eat and to do basic cooking. Can you decamp to grandparents for a week?

Fortunately DH is very organised so everything has gone into labelled boxes (from storage place) and essential things like keys have a safe new home. Good luck, my children are older so can be put in front of the TV at least.

It's worth doing a little work - putting up a shelf or making a temporary table, to make it bearable for the weeks of disruption.

JohnnyRod Sat 08-Oct-11 23:54:13

Chill! Professionals can rip through stuff very quickly. Maybe do half then the other half, makes it easier to live, or just plan it all out and go on holiday. I'd say do your packing etc. while the kids are around if you like but deffo get the work done while they're at school not at home. It'll be over before you know it. PS doing several rooms at once doesn't save immense amounts of time over doing them individually, so don't be put off by splitting the job into two halves, you've got to live somewhere.

showmethemummy Sun 09-Oct-11 21:12:18

thank you for comments! will definitely try to chill... perhaps time to get into the wine supply brought over after summer hols in france grin.

will definitely try to label up, and get things done while they're in school - although one school has an inset this week confused

anyway thanks again

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