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Any clue as to rough estimate of professional removal costs for a 5 bed house?

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Ladymuck Sat 08-Oct-11 14:50:06

So long since I did anything like this, and i'm sure that it only cost £1-2k last time. It is going to be more this time isn't is? We're only moving 5 miles, but we have lots of stuff...

Sushiqueen Sat 08-Oct-11 17:01:26

Probabably will depend on whether you use a local firm and what part for the country you are in.

We were quoted £ 550 for a local move or £ 800 if we wanted them to pack. Turns out we are now moving a couple of hundred miles and their price was still only either £ 1200 or £ 1500. Pickfords wanted at least £ 1800 not including vat or insurance.

We also have a 5 bed house but they did say to us that we didn't have a lot of stuff compared to a lot of houses. The decluttering worked smile

Ladymuck Sat 08-Oct-11 17:13:44

We're in the South East, so double the normal price I guess. I decluttered, but just put everything in the garage. Not sure that there is a charity shop big enough!

OK, well my "top of my head" quote may be on the high side. I guess I'd seen how much stamp duty had gone up, and assumed all costs were similar.

Sushiqueen Sat 08-Oct-11 21:20:00

We are also in the south east so you may get a nice surprise. I used a website called and got quotes through local companies on there.

I know what you mean about the charity shop. Trying to sell some of our stuff as it won't fit into where we are moving too.

LouRoucas Sat 08-Oct-11 21:23:35

I would guess about 6K to move with a full pack.

JohnnyRod Sat 08-Oct-11 23:40:12

we paid around £600 to move a 3-bed house in the Midlands about 50 miles. We don't have masses of stuff so maybe double it and add some for being a southerner. We used Clockwork, were happy with them, couldn't get any joy from Pickfords. Get a quote, and if you don't like it then give them a squeeze, they'll come down!

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