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bedroom colour schemes...

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MeanMrsMustard Mon 03-Oct-11 22:06:26

I need some help! I've just moved into a maisonette with the bedrooms on the lower ground floor - the same level as the front door. It works well, as the living space upstairs gets most of the light, but the downside is that the bedrooms currently don't feel that cosy. Out bedroom at the front (north facing) hasn't been decorated in a while and, especially with our mismatching stuff in it looks very studenty. I want it to look more grown up, and give it a warmer feel.

So, currently...
It is painted white (badly)
It has pale oatmeal coloured carpet.
Our furniture is white (wardrobe and dresser) but the bedside tables (not matching!) and chair can be repainted any colour.
We have the ubiquitous Orla Kiely pattern duvet cover in both grey and sort of Autumy colours. (Other bedding can be downgraded to spare room, but for the time being the pattern of the norties has to stay)
The room is about 13' by 13', and, gets a decent amount of light.

I would like the bedroom to look modern and warm. I have always loved grey, but I'm worried that it is too 'now' and might date very quickly. DH likes yellow. Neither of us are adverse to bright. I would rather a more eclectic feel than a matchy matchy one.
My last idea was dark warm grey for the walls, and bold colours for the bedside tables/ other bits and pieces. Now I'm wobbling.

Please give me some colour scheme suggestions. I haven't used much colour before, and I;ve never had a bedroom with cohesion to it. Its always just been white walls, furniture and maybe the odd poster, so I am in desperate need of help!

minipie Tue 04-Oct-11 11:54:44

Hmm. I like grey too, but in a lower ground floor bedroom I think it could just be too light absorbing. Esp a dark grey. You could end up having to switch the light on every time you went in there even in the daytime?

I'm a big fan of yellow and it would be both bright and warm. But it's out of fashion at the moment and was very popular in the 90s so could look a bit dated maybe. But then, maybe it's on its way back! The Litte Greene company has some lovely yellows.

What about green? Quite a clear green rather than the sludgy F&B type greens. Something like Cupboard green or Spearmint on the Little Greene page I linked to.

Or, completely different: this kind of scheme - a dark colour but lifted by lots of bright bits.

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