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Moving patio doors - who do I ask for quote: builder or window people?

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amyboo Mon 03-Oct-11 16:08:34

I'm in the process of buying a very nice 4 bedroomed house that really doesn't need much work doing to it. The only thing that irks DH and I is that the patio doors open onto the side of the house, not the back, so there is no view onto the garden from the lounge. We want to be able to see the DC when they're in the garden, not to mention admire our garden, from the lounge. So, we'll move the patio doors and probably block the old doors up.

The whole house needs double glazing, so I'm wondering who I ask for a quote for this work. Can I just ask the window fitting people, or do I need to ask a builder? I'm planning on asking the surveyor if we'd need a supporting beam above the new doors (I guess we would)... Any thoughts?

minipie Mon 03-Oct-11 16:22:19

So you are planning to reuse the old french doors? If so then I'd ask a builder, since the main work will be making the new opening rather than making the doors. Builder should be able to advise you on whether a supporting beam is needed, though safest to check with a structural engineer. You might possibly need building regulations sign off too - worth asking your local council.

fresh Mon 03-Oct-11 17:35:51

I second that - if you're going to block up the old opening there will be blockwork and plastering to do, and you'll need a builder for that. Also you might find sockets need moving etc...I would get a builder to oversee the whole thing and, if you need new doors, spec them and supply them for you. It might be slightly more costly (although the builder should get a trade discount on the windows so you should only pay the retail cost) but they should organise trades for you so is probably worth it unless you like project managing...
If you go for new glazed doors, they will need to conform to Part L of the Building Regs I think, so you will need that sorting out as well. And you will definitely need a new lintel to support the new opening, and that will also need Building Reg approval. Good luck smile

amyboo Mon 03-Oct-11 18:22:54

Great! Thanks for the advice. We won't be re-using the doors, as we'll get double glazed one installed, but will be reusing the roller shutter above the doors. We live in Belgium and thankfully don't need building approval for it, but I just wasn't sure who to approach for quotes. Thanks for your help!

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