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Photos of your house when selling

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JoJoMummy321 Mon 03-Oct-11 11:44:35

Hi all,

Has anyone ever paid for a photographer to take pictures of their house if they are not happy with the ones from the Estate Agency?

Ours are ok...but only ok if you know what I mean. We are a character house and the pics make it look pretty ordinary.

Would be grateful to hear your thoughts and approx cost to expect.

We have a friend who might be able to help but they might take too long. You know what it's like when someone is doing you a favour...hard to chase them up!!!


RunforFun Mon 03-Oct-11 11:54:47

Why don't you take some photos yourself ?

I know some estate agents can be a bit arsey about this (ours was - claiming couldn't use summer photos of the garden at its best when we were marketing the property in may hmm )

We did take better ones of the garden ourselves and used them in the brochure eventually.

We were told a professional would be about £150.

When you say ordinary, can you describe what you mean by that. Put yourself as a buyer whats off putting / ordinary about them and can that be solved by decluttering or waiting for a bright sunny day ?

Don't be afraid to use less photos. Sometimes less is more. For example our bathrooms were beautiful yet somehow it was impossible to take a decent picture that showed them off to their full so we left them out. Didn't seem to make a difference to any potential buyer and we sold our house within 3 months grin

Ragwort Mon 03-Oct-11 11:59:34

Why don't you ask the Estate Agent to take a new set of photographs - they will want to sell the house; they are making a commission from it so they should provide the service you want.

Redbluegreen Mon 03-Oct-11 12:07:08

I would charge about £100-£150 to do this, which would be a wide selection of digital images, edited, taken on a good day at the right time for the sun, with a wide angle lens, with lighting if necessary, and 'styled' to a certain extent (so removal of items that didn't look great and a bit of furniture moving etc as we went along). You need someone who is used to interiors, rather than someone who is good at getting nice pictures of people, for example.

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