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Lighting in bedroom

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Ruthie32 Sun 02-Oct-11 09:05:53

We're decorating our bedroom and putting in an en-suite at the moment. The bedroom walls will be white with a wooden floor and a coffee coloured wardrobe across one wall. We're going to have white wooden venetian blinds and the bedding is white, coffee and teal. The problem I have is that I can no clue what kind of lighting to get and when I look at pictures most don't show the ceiling.
Any suggestions of what to consider?

minipie Mon 03-Oct-11 15:50:39

The usual options are

(1) recessed downlighters
(2) ceiling pendant
(3) wall lights

or some combination of the above, usually with bedside lamps as well.

Recessed downlighters are good if the ceilings are low and you want quite a modern look. However they do involve quite a lot of work from the electrician and often require taking up the floor of the room/attic above in order to install them.

What do you have in the ensuite? if downlighters then might be good to continue the look in the bedroom.

Wall lights have been unpopular recently but I wonder if they might be about to come back. Be careful about where you put them, eg if you put them either side of the bed that would mean it could look odd if you move your bed in future.

A ceiling pendant is the usual option for period houses. You could have a chandelier type fitting (laura ashley does some quite nice ones) for a boudoir-y look, or a fabric drum shade for a more modern look.


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