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Silestone worktops & staining

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Mokemum Sat 01-Oct-11 07:25:21

I'm a bit surprised by this but my White silestone worktops seem to be staining when a coffee ring is left there for a few days - I thought this stuff was stain proof but on googling it seems that loads of people have had similar problems - the stain is subtle but I can stil see it. No more slack housekeeping for me!

Anyone else experience similar? Apparently silestone refuse to do anything under warranty because they only suggest surface is stain resistant not stain proof!

MaeMobley Sat 01-Oct-11 08:31:08

Oh! this is good to know as we want silestone worktops in our new kitchen.

raisinbran Sat 01-Oct-11 11:07:58

Ah thanks for sharing info, just sprung into action to wipe up a coffee spill on my new 2 week old silestone island. I would be gutted if it marked. Must introduce our for 4 teenage boys to the dish cloth!

Mokemum Mon 03-Oct-11 19:36:53

Finally called Silestone when tomato sauce left a pale yellow mark. They were very helpful. He suggested Cif and said if that didn't work he'd make a site visit and remove the stains himself - so feeling a tad more relaxed. Still need to wipe up quickly to prevent super stain boy froming having to make a vist - unless of course he's a good bit of eye candy. wink

Mokemum Tue 04-Oct-11 12:55:48

Good news! The Cif Power cream worked! Requires a bit more looking after than I expected but at least I can get rid of the staining with a little effort.

herethereandeverywhere Thu 06-Oct-11 00:13:01

Ordered our white silestone worktop about a fortnight ago and the designer also recommended Cif cream for removing any stains!

cowboylover Thu 06-Oct-11 00:17:28

The Old fashioned stuff called Bar Keepers Friend is also excellent to get the stains out

Kandinsky Thu 06-Oct-11 19:02:21

Watching this thread with interest. Being abrasive does Cif not take the top shiney surface off.

Mokemum Thu 06-Oct-11 21:06:47

No the Cif stuff works fine and silestone is a pretty hard substance unlike corian. He said any anti-bacterial spray would work along with a green scouring pad.

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