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F&B experts help me choose a playroom colour please!

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amazonianwoman Wed 28-Sep-11 14:52:47

I'm cr*p at deciding on new colours...

Our playroom is currently a horrid creamy colour. I'm getting the floors resanded next month so want to decorate first.

It's for DD age 7 and DS age 4. I'm attempting to let them get involved in choosing a new colour, when presented with the F&B colour chart they could only agree on Charlotte's Locks hmm mainly cos that's DD's name!

The room is a decent size - about 4x5 metres - but faces north east and is quite dark as an extension blocks a lot of the light. Existing furniture = mahogany coloured piano, plain cream curtains (can't afford to replace these), an Ikea sofa bed this colour I think, and obviously too much plastic tat still. Was planning to get some new Expedit storage units in white.

I could just about cope with the bright orange colour on one wall only but I'm not that into feature walls! If I did, what colour to go with it (White looks too cold?)

It's also the first room you see at the end of the hall when you walk in the front door.

What colour might work to brighten it up? And still make it feel like a kids' space?


startail Wed 28-Sep-11 15:12:25

My bedroom was a bright apple green when I was little and a softer sage green when I was older. I had white painted furniture and a long red desk ( recycled work surface not my choicegrin)
For a play room I'd go for something light and bright that makes you think of spring, then you can get away with both DDs inevitable pink and purple and DS red and blue. I'm MNing sitting in the garden and my overlong lawn is preventing a total mishmash of flowers, washing and play equipment linking anything like as garish as it is.
Don't stick to white, white playrooms and white bedrooms, look somehow unfinished and unloved especially if they aren't tidy (and playrooms never are, quite, they are always a work in progress as the children grow up)

Lizcat Wed 28-Sep-11 16:22:57

F&B gives really poor coverage you often need more coats to achieve the effect. Try Little Green Paint Company similar colours much better quality paint. Plus if you go Brewer's to look at the colours they have a really good display that puts both 'warm' and 'cool' light on the colours so you get an idea what they will look like at different times of years. Colour blocking is the way to go - that is a main (lighter) colour and then 2 or 3 blocks of a darker colour. Looks very contemporary.

amazonianwoman Wed 28-Sep-11 16:46:53

Thanks for replies.

I'm going to get the colour matched with Johnston's/Leyland paint - yes I know the finish isn't quite the same but it's good enough for a playroom!

Have ordered a Little Greene colour card and will peruse the F&B greens. Any green recommendations? Haven't heard of Brewers?!

usualsuspect Wed 28-Sep-11 16:47:47

Try Wickes or B & Q

Lizcat Wed 28-Sep-11 18:53:17

You need to find your nearest Brewer's it is where the trade go to buy their paint, but is open to the public. It is a good amount cheaper than Wickes, B&Q and homebase. Plus they have range's of paint and wallpaper that you don't see elsewhere.

amazonianwoman Wed 28-Sep-11 19:09:15

Great thanks.

Any more colour suggestions anyone? smile

TipOfTheSlung Thu 29-Sep-11 13:23:36

I would go for a teal/turquoise on one wall (keep lots spare) and white ont he others. Makes it nice and bright and cheeful but also easy to repaint. Plus goes with the brown

overmydeadbody Thu 29-Sep-11 16:38:10

I'd say white, and then paint a big rectangle with blackboard paint (comes in lots of colours, not just black) and hang lots of your DC's artowrk on the other walls. I like white, it is a blank canvas and so perfect for all the other colours that go with a playroom.

overmydeadbody Thu 29-Sep-11 16:41:44

this is nice

Actually, I have just searched kids playroom in Pinterest and there are so mnay lovely ones, all different colours, that might give you a good idea of the feel you want.

amazonianwoman Thu 29-Sep-11 16:45:16

Thanks. Was thinking of the blackboard idea, just concerned white might look too cold in such a dark room?

Will propose one wall of teal or green to DCs!

amazonianwoman Thu 29-Sep-11 16:48:51

Oh yes, like that room! They're Ikea chalk boards aren't they? Will have another look at that website, thanks again!

TipOfTheSlung Thu 29-Sep-11 16:52:00

Two words... chalk dust

but that may just be my children

amazonianwoman Thu 29-Sep-11 17:33:27

You need white chalk pens! Like marker pens for blackboards grin

minipie Thu 29-Sep-11 18:14:12

"I'm getting the floors resanded next month so want to decorate first."

Hmm, I'd say get the floors sanded first. Then redecorate. Floor sanding will create lots and lots of dust - best to redecorate afterwards otherwise the freshly painted room will only get mega grubby.

Any other views, as I am no expert?

MadameCastafiore Thu 29-Sep-11 18:17:26

I would chose your farrow and ball colour and get it made up in dulux/crown wipeable paint.

minipie Thu 29-Sep-11 18:29:18

Oh one more thought.

Instead of a feature wall, how about some wall stickers to liven it up? Or maybe some fun wallpaper (either as a feature wall or done in panels like a picture perhaps) - eg map of the world.

Or are these just so "over" grin

amazonianwoman Thu 29-Sep-11 22:17:00

Minipie - wasn't sure which comes first, decorating or sanding. Was thinking that if I painted first I wouldn't have to worry about skirting board paint getting on floor, but I see what you mean about dust. Will ask sander guy for his advice!

I like the map wall paper idea, was thinking of that for DS's room, except the only suitable wall would have a sofa against it, thus blocking much of the southern hemisphere grin. And I'll be doing the decorating and HATE hanging wallpaper!

We'll have a look at some stickers (may struggle to get them to agree on a design!)

But even if we chose stickers, I'm still stuck with what colour to paint the walls in the bloody gloomy room! Aarrgghh I hate choosing paint colours...

amazonianwoman Thu 29-Sep-11 22:18:46

Sorry last post sounded v negative! Appreciating everyone's advice smile

queenmaeve Fri 30-Sep-11 21:39:02

I painted the blackboard paint on the wall, but my husband put a frame around it. this is it on my blog. My dc love it

iarebaboon Fri 30-Sep-11 21:51:24

Don't sand first. As said it'll get horribly dusty and quite likely you'll take chunks off the skirting boards when sanding up close to them

trixymalixy Sun 02-Oct-11 10:14:38

We have a big map sticker from Habitat on the wall and the room is painted in skylight which is a lovely calming blue colour.

trixymalixy Sun 02-Oct-11 10:15:10

Oh and do the sanding first and then paint.

TipOfTheSlung Sun 02-Oct-11 10:56:08

Hey MOAT thats who you are now. Will have to start reading the blog again now we've moved

WishesForSunshine Sun 02-Oct-11 11:08:27

We've just converted our office into Ds's playroom.

Was previously boring magnolia, bought homebase own paint in pale green.

Looks fab on the walls, all fresh and spring like. We have put up wall stickers as well as clip frames with photographs which look bright and colourful.

Our wall stickers are of a big bright rainbow and then a tree with owls sitting on it. Wanted to avoid typical 'boy' theme e.g trains, cars, diggers etc. Couldn't be happier with end result, and DS loves it.

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