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I am crap at this offer business :(

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Becaroooo Wed 28-Sep-11 10:06:42

Saw a house at the weekend I like.

3 bed det, garage, off road parking, decent garden, new kitchen and recarpeted and decorated throughout.

Basically, the vendors lived and worked away and rented it for 3 years. When they got back, the tennant had wrecked it....apparently it was awful, cat wee everywhere, carpets ruined, kitchen ruined, grass 2 feet high etc etc

Anyway, they have done all this work but now want to move to a bigger house as they want more dc...fine.

BUT this house is on at £182,500k an estate I am very familiar with (my dsis lives there) and I know that 2 houses which are bigger than this one sold recently for £170k each. (one was the same except it had a conservatory and the other was larger dual aspect and had 2 rec rooms).


Want to offer £165k - we are no chain, have deposit etc and are willing to stay in our rented accomodation til they find somewhere.

Vendor said he was open to offers.......hmm

minipie Wed 28-Sep-11 10:20:11

Offer the price you want to pay. The worst that happens is they say no. Your offer is above 90% of asking price which is not ridiculous, and you're a good buyer (chain free, flexible etc).

How long has it been on the market?

Becaroooo Wed 28-Sep-11 10:45:22

Only been on for a couple of weeks mini

I am thinking that I will offer 10% under asking for any property atm tbh...

minipie Wed 28-Sep-11 10:48:49

If it's only been on for a couple of weeks, and they haven't found somewhere to move to, my guess is that they wouldn't take a 90% offer just yet as they'll want to see if they can get more. However, if you wait, then there is a risk it might go under offer to someone else.

I'd say you should make the offer, but also make it clear that you are looking at other properties, keen to find somewhere soon, and so your offer won't remain open forever (so they can't just think "ok well Becaroo's offer will always be available, let's see if we can do better"). Set out all your buying credentials of course. Also say that you would expect the property to come off the market if the offer is accepted.

fergoose Wed 28-Sep-11 12:05:46

at the moment you shouldn't offer unless you are embarrassed by it - so go ahead, make a low offer. What have you got to lose. If they refuse I bet they will be back in touch in a few weeks biting your hand off.

mylovelymonster Wed 28-Sep-11 12:11:00

Go for it Bec. You won't know how the land lies until you test it - get talking to them (directly, including agent but not exclusively through agent IYSWIM) and maybe you can sort something out.

RedHelenB Wed 28-Sep-11 18:27:57

They are probably wanting to recoup some of the putl;ay they spent clearing up after the tenants but in this market that is unreasonable. Offer what you would be prepared to pay.

JoJoMummy321 Wed 28-Sep-11 21:24:13

Hi Becaroo thanks for your help on my thread earlier. Now my turn to try and help you!! I would absolutely offer your 165 as he has clearly said he is open to offers which I think can be translated as "we know we are priced too high but please please still make an offer". The reason I am so sure this is the case is that its the type of phrase dh and I have been using while we have been priced too high!!

Go for it!! Nothing ventured nothing gained. Bet they will accept either straight away or in a week or two.

SparklePrincess Wed 28-Sep-11 22:55:51

I agree with the others. Offer 165k & give your reasons why. Good luck Becaroooo.. smile

Becaroooo Thu 29-Sep-11 07:15:59

red that is exactly my feeling too and, whilst I feel sorry for them and the situation with their tennant, I do think its not on to pass that onto their porpective buyer. Thing is, people will check sold prices and see that other (bigger) houses are selling for less hmm

jojo hmmm...we have had vendors say that and then NOT accept offers of only £5k under asking sad

SP thanks!

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