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Handmade blinds for roof windows - conservation velux style

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bacon Tue 27-Sep-11 13:04:18

Has anyone done this? I dont want roller or hard blinds as it wouldnt suit the rooms. I am pretty niffty with sewing and really there are only small windows but surely they have to be in a channel or slotted into something?

Black out lining and pref interlined. What about the non reachable ones?

Electric is a problem as the lime plastering has been completed. What about battery?

7to25 Wed 28-Sep-11 11:42:22

Hi Bacon,
I have only seen something like this once and have been waiting for somebody else to post.
Think an interlined Roman blind running on fixed wires at the sides to hold the blind to the wall.
1/ It looked a bit of a mess
2/ It was operated by hand and would not be suitable for inaccessible windows.
I have the fitted velux blinds and they are great and unobtrusive. you would still need electrically operated ones if you cannot reach the windows. Why do you need the blinds, light control or privacy?

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