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curtain poles for bay windows

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ajuba Fri 23-Sep-11 12:09:48

I need a curtain pole for a bay window where I only need to use one pair of curtains. I.e. the curtains can go all the way around the pole and meet in the middle. It also needs to be cheap and easy to fit. Any suggestions please?

sinclair Fri 23-Sep-11 13:38:18

Does it have to be a pole? White aluminium track is heavy enough to support big curtains and can be bend round a bay and is cheapest option if price is the deciding factor.

If it has to be a pole you can buy bendable ones which have little cut out teeth where you bend then at the corner, but I never recommend them as they can tend to sag at the corners.

For something lovely and quality but still affordable you can buy a metal pole which is bent to your specs if you go to Merrick and Day, you can view it all online, you have to be prepared to take the measurements etc but it isn't hard. I think retail price is around 170 to 200 quid .

Hope this helps!

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