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dilbertina Thu 22-Sep-11 22:48:57

We have someone interested in our house (hurrah!), they've visited a few times, had an architect round and fingers crossed looks like they might make an offer. BUT they haven't yet put their own property on the market (although our estate agent assures us their house is in a "good" area...)

What normally happens in this situation? If they're not in a position to proceed, I guess we could agree a price, but we're not keen to take it off the market when they still need to sell their own house, which could take ages....what normally happens in this situation?

(We are currently living overseas and plan to start looking for new home back in UK after we sell this one, so not in chain situation ourselves.)

SybilBeddows Thu 22-Sep-11 23:47:05

you can accept the offer in principle without taking it off the market.

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