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What Do I do now....bathroom started - gone wrong......c/s booked for next Tuesday...

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monkeychambers Tue 20-Sep-11 17:49:23

So the plan was simple:

- last Friday new electrics put in and plumbing sorted out
- Saturday - sink and toilet cistern pulled out (we now use a bucket of water to flush) and all pipes sunk into floor
- Sunday; plaster turns up late and starts at 2:30 not he comes again yesterday and works from 10am - 9pm last night.

Anyway he was supposed to be here at midday today - I finally get a call at 4 - he left his mobile elsewhere so couldn't reach me...blah blah got stuck on another he can come tomorrow and finish the plastering and then on Friday and start the tiling on Friday.

He was supposed to be tiling on Monday so the bathroom could be fitted out tomorrow/Thurs and finishing touches Friday if necessary. (all the new stuff is being delivered tomorrow the hallway is piled high with packs of tiles already, the fitters were due in tomorrow)

So - I know I was insane to start this project so close to having my c/s booked......I just don't know what to do....

Do I try and get another person in to finish the tiling job off tomorrow or wait....

I just can't really think straight......DH was right we should have waited.

If you have managed to read through all this and can offer any guidance - thank you !

MatLeaveForever Tue 20-Sep-11 17:59:15

A lot of stress just before your c/s! But no point discussing whether you should have started the project or not, sounds like you're past the point of no return!
I suggest you get on the phone or your hubby and demand some commitment to when the job will be finished and remind them of what's happening on Tuesday! If they seem vague then it may be worth calling round for someone to finish things off for you over the next few days. If it can definitely get finished over the weekend then you should be okay. Have they had any of your money yet or would you pay on completion?
Remember that with a c/s you're likely to be in hospital for at least 2 nights (I had to stay for 4 nights!) so perhaps a friend/family member could deal with the fitters/tilers while you're in hospital and check that the mess has gone!
Good luck with your baby and the bathroom smile

minipie Tue 20-Sep-11 18:31:02

I think you need to give your plasterer/tiler a complete bollocking/sob story and get yourself moved up his list.

You are about to have a baby and an operation. He has let you down already by delaying from Monday. Your fitters are due in tomorrow. He needs to put you at the top of his list above all his other jobs.

Ask him to come in tomorrow and stay for as long as it needs to get the job done, so that the fitters can come in on Thurs afternoon/Friday. (See if you can put the fitters off till then).

Alternatively ask him to at the very least find you a replacement plasterer/tiler who can come in his stead (and who he is sure will do a good job!)

Goes without saying that a few tears may help here smile.

Good luck.

SparkyUK Tue 20-Sep-11 19:25:33

Hope you are already on the road to this being sorted out but in addition to what minipie says I'd call around and see if there is a tiler with availability and if you don't have traction with your current guy say if you aren't here tomorrow at 9 then I will only be paying you this amount and will have X come to finish the job. (Just make sure that X is reliable too!) Good luck!

said Tue 20-Sep-11 19:35:58

Does the builder know you are going to have a baby on Tuesday? He may just think you're due in a few weeks so not urgent yet?

monkeychambers Tue 20-Sep-11 19:58:34

Thanks all - I have left him a message saying that unless he is here first thing and able to stay and finish then I will get someone else in to finish the job. They do all know I am having the baby on Tuesday.

Do feel calmer now - Thanks very much for reading and responding.

cjbartlett Tue 20-Sep-11 20:08:40

well done you for that message

at the end of the day they're are a lot of pout of work builders at the moent gagging for work and if yours is messign you around it won't take long to find a new one to finish the job

cjbartlett Tue 20-Sep-11 20:09:02

and all the best for your csection - congratulatons!

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