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Stylish Wall Lights!

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WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 20-Sep-11 13:16:20

Hi, I've been looking for some nice wall lights for ages and just can't find anything. I can find nice ceiling one's but all the wall one's seem old fashioned or officey (and not in a good way). Thought Habitat would have something but they only have about 3 options. Can't even find any at Ikea.

Am even considering adapting ceiling lights for the walls.


(ps. I'm not rich)

minipie Tue 20-Sep-11 13:28:32

Heals have some good options here

minipie Tue 20-Sep-11 13:30:37

We have just got the Slice for the stairs and really like it.

minipie Tue 20-Sep-11 13:34:50

If you like the Heals ones, a lot of them are made by Astro, you may be able to find them cheaper on other lighting websites.

Or if you want something more period style, Jim Lawrence has a good range.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 20-Sep-11 14:07:30

I can't believe it . . . been searching for ages, finally post about it and then find the ultimate light . . .

It's the ultimate light (for me)! I love the way it looks like it's growing out of the wall . . . but in a very cool way! Like a beautiful mutation! And so shiny! It's non intrusive as well, in a visual way but also in a practical way! I'm so excited!

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 20-Sep-11 14:08:49

PS. the page takes ages to load.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 20-Sep-11 14:09:26

pps. thanks for your help smile

[wanders off muttering happily]

minipie Tue 20-Sep-11 14:41:04

aha - always the way! Erm, looks like a big tooth to me, but it is kinda cool.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 20-Sep-11 15:17:49

Each to their own eh! grin

I'm going to think tooth every time I look at it now.

minipie Tue 20-Sep-11 16:47:49

Hey, wall teeth could be the new trend, you never know grin. At least it'll be a smiley wall.

poorbuthappy Tue 20-Sep-11 16:51:21

Wish I hadn't clicked on the Heals link. envy

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