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You know you found THE house when....

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cowboylover Tue 20-Sep-11 11:55:45

We have been looking for a new house for a while and our wishlist is for a modern 4 bed house that we can move straight into with an easy to maintain garden.

Well after to many blahh houses we have fallen for a 2 bed bungalow that needs a tonne of work that has not been lived in for years with a jungle garden! But we can't stop talking about it and mentally have made it perfect but are we mad????

It would mean living with my mum for a while and doing the work in 2 stages while we get more money for then extension/loft conversion.

Any success stories out there or tales of woe? Cheers x

rovercat Tue 20-Sep-11 16:55:10

If you can't stop talking about it and you're both that excited by it then I would say go for it but don't underestimate how much work it will take and the cost. We bought our first house, a 3 bed cottage, did all the damp and the woodworm, redecorated and sat back to enjoy it only to discover that during the renovation time we had had our dcs and now we had run out of space! So we did what most normal peole wouldn't do and bought the cottage next door, knocked them together and started all over again. 15 years on, do I regret it, no way. It was hard dirty work but if you don't have to live there then its much easier, we lived there all the time and there were points when it was horrible. I would do it all again to get what we have now and never intend to move again. Hope this helps!

sixtiesqueen Tue 20-Sep-11 20:58:47

We were in the same position - wanted a 4/5 bed detached but everything was a bit blah or plain wrong. In the end we bought a 3 bed 1961 property that needed everything doing - I am in the middle of blogging this at if you want to read the ups and downs. We are just having the new roof put on this week!

cowboylover Tue 20-Sep-11 21:35:29

That's great! Thanks x

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