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Decorating a young girls room - theme, colours, decals etc

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cottonreels Thu 15-Sep-11 14:52:53

When I was pregnant and didn't know the sex of my baby I decorated the 'nursery' in more of a toddler style using a lot of the fabler range from Ikea (lots of green, red and pale blue). I had wanted a unisex room that wouldnt need redecorating as soon as babyhood was over.
Fast forward 2 years, 'baby' coming up 2 and is a real girly girl. Loves dressing up, dolls, butterflies, arts and crafts etc. She's not yet discovered princesses or Disney and is not yet attatched to the colour pink. But I think I'd like to make a statement that this is a girls room.
I'm thinking of redecorating at the same time as putting her in a big bed - so maybe in 6 months time (or real soon when I panic upon discovering she can climb out of the cot smile.
The trouble is that if I search for toddler girl bedrooms, all I get is a 'posed for a camera shot' type of picture you know the ones where there is no wardrobe or drawers and just a few beatifuly crafted wooden toys atop a large white surface.
Anyone know where I can find some inspiration> I really like the gruffalo kit but it looks to boyish to me
Also you'd need two walls with no drawers or beds or windows on and I just dont have that kind of space.
Am thinking it could be a woodland scene, or a magic faraway tree sort of a thing, but maybe with some pink overtones.
Any ideas at all welcome!

friggFRIGG Thu 15-Sep-11 15:03:39

this shop has lots of lovely stuff,i like the 'forest critters for girls' smile

Firawla Thu 15-Sep-11 19:52:28

look on you can get loads of ideas about different ways to decorate rooms, then you save the ones you like. you can't buy anything from it, but good if you're looking for inspiration generally

cottonreels Thu 15-Sep-11 20:14:28

Thanks for the tips. I looked at those decals Frigg but my god that would be expendise - theyre quite small I think.
Firawla thats a great site, Im still trying to get the wee one to sleep, but I shall have a good look later.Thanks

angel1976 Thu 15-Sep-11 22:50:08

Try house to home. Except for that really pink bedroom on the page, I find their children's rooms quite 'neutral'. And you can choose the 'theme' you are interested in - whether you want a 'country' look, or modern...

Not on the high street has some lovely stuff too but DON'T buy from the website. If you find something you like there, you are likely to buy it from the seller themselves direct or through another website. Their prices are definitely over-the-odds! Good luck! Just did up my DCs' bedroom but they are boys so can't help you with ideas! smile

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