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Victorian tiled path - will it be slippy?

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Themumsnot Thu 15-Sep-11 14:37:07

Having a bit of a garden makeover and am thinking of having the path done with Victorian geometric tiles like this one but my builder reckons it will be a death trap in wet or frosty weather.
I have lived in a house with this type of path before and don't remember it being particularly slippy, but wanted to check other experiences.
(It is a Victorian house btw, and has a lovely tiled entrance hallway, so I wanted to extend the theme outdoors.

kitsmummy Thu 15-Sep-11 14:42:48

I think it very much depends on what you use to seal the tiles with? We did this at our last house (think the tiles were Original Style or something like that? They were like yours anyway. They had to be sealed and I used our limestone floor sealant that was left over from our kitchen, to save money on buying the proper outdoor sealant. They were very slippy after that, I used to almost tiptoe on it in wet weather.

I'm sure if you buy the appropriate sealant they won't be a death trap!

CaptainNancy Fri 16-Sep-11 12:20:11

We have these tiles on our top (v wide- about 2' deep x 3' wide) step- yes they are very slippy in wet/icy weather.

We have a doormat on them, so tend to use that as a stepping stone out of the house, and onto the path (normal flags).

Sorry- no idea about top-sealants.

YeahorNay Fri 16-Sep-11 13:49:49

you can buy a paint on anti slip coating for tiles ; if you google non slip tile coating it brings up lots of different brands

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