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Come and admire my new kitchen!!

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Wigeon Wed 14-Sep-11 22:23:14

After almost a year in the planning and deliberating, our new kitchen is finally finished, and since I have been obsessively lurking on kitchen-related threads here, and have picked up loads of ideas / advice etc from Mnet, I think it's only fair that I reward all those posters whose ideas I have nicked been inspired by with some pictures of the final result (see profile).

It replaced a kitchen from the dark ages 1970s, and the bit with a table is
a brand new extension.

So far I am really glad about:

the pan drawers
the lovely aqua / green / blue tiles
the white gloss units and plain handles
the larder cupboard
the eye-height oven
the integrated appliances
the 3 pendant lights in a row (thank you cece for your profile pics)
the lack of corner cupboards which are never as good storage as you'd want
the integrated recycling bins (under the sink).
going with Howdens - no problems

Since I am too modest to boast post pictures all over facebook to people I really know, I thought I would get out the urge to run up and down the street saying "LOOK AT MY LOVELY KITCHEN" by posting here!

So thank you to everyone who has ever started a kitchen thread - I have read them all and my life kitchen is better for it!

said Wed 14-Sep-11 22:30:59

Very lovely (and quite similar to mine- another shameless lurker and ideas thief)

oldenoughtowearpurple Wed 14-Sep-11 22:31:25

You must post pictures! We want to see!

LemonDifficult Wed 14-Sep-11 22:33:26

It's fab.

ColdSancerre Wed 14-Sep-11 22:34:23

Flippin' gorgeous!

ColdSancerre Wed 14-Sep-11 22:35:19

How did you avoid corner cupboards btw?

blabalalalablabla Wed 14-Sep-11 22:35:33

Oooh - I love it and i'm very jealous as we have being saving for what seems like a hundred years.

But that hundred years has given me plenty of time to gather ideas.

I love your tiles - where are they from? (another shameless ideas thief)

Wigeon Wed 14-Sep-11 22:48:08

Thank you, thank you, thank you <takes bow>

Oldenough - I have - see profile!

Blabal - tiles are Lagoon from Winchester Tile Company (not in Winchester hmm but they have various local stockists. I luuurve them. You have to watch out with some of the colours as the small print says they aren't suitable for kitchens (something to do with copper pigments used in some of the dyes discolouring in a kitchen environment or something).

ColdSancerre - in the first pic, the peninsular unit is accessible from the dining table end, so it's basically just a normal double cupboard and a slim-ish three-drawer unit, thus maximising the space. The other end of the kitchen on both sides just runs straight along to the wall, like a normal galley kitchen. And the lefthand side run of units doesn't butt up against a wall, so no need for a corner cupboard.

LemonDifficult - your poster name is one of my favourite smile. Although was slightly disappointed to find the The Thick of It got there first (didn't realise initially despite being a civil servant myself...) grin!

TheTamingOfTheShrew Wed 14-Sep-11 23:06:28

It looks really nice, but shame we can't enlarge the pics!

moondog Wed 14-Sep-11 23:09:18

It's lovely. The tile colour is delightful.What colour exactly is it?

(How funny to note you are also she of the expert towel origami. That thread had me hooting with laughter.)

moondog Wed 14-Sep-11 23:09:56

Soryy. You did say.

dexter73 Thu 15-Sep-11 09:27:41

Wow! Suffering from serious kitchen envy! I love it (and the elephant towel of course!)!!

coccyx Thu 15-Sep-11 09:31:36

lovely, lovely.
How did you find out how to make a towel elephant???

goingbacktowork Thu 15-Sep-11 15:42:22

love the kitchen - and the babies. All beautiful.

said Thu 15-Sep-11 17:23:33

What is your flooring? Is it real or engineered wood?

mrsbleasdale Thu 15-Sep-11 18:19:19

Fab kitchen.....which Howdens one is it? Love the extension at the end too!!

I'm reading every possible kitchen thread too before we embark on ours. Could be sometime before i decide on everything!!

Wigeon Thu 15-Sep-11 18:43:52

Thank you again for all the compliments!

All the tile admirers (thank you!) - I have put a close up picture of the tiles on my profile so you can see them a bit better. Colour is Lagoon in the Cosmopolitan range (on the link above to Winchester Tile Company you can click on a thumbnail to see it).

Coccyx - original towel elephant thread here - I didn't start it, but was inspired to become a towel elephant maestro (maestra?) when I read the thread grin.

said - thank you. Floor is engineered wood (oak), also bought from Howdens - seemed horrendously expensive, but is at least cheaper than real wood and (I am told by reading threads here!) will last and last. And we aren't moving house any time soon. It does look really nice now it's down. We haven't had it long enough to know definitively whether it's a good thing or not. Although you do have to be careful about scratching (eg dragging a heavy table across it is a bad idea).

mrsbleasdale -thank you. Units are Glendevon White (gloss), here. Good luck with your project! It's worth it in the end!

goingbacktowork - thank you also! Another pic of DD2 on my profile as she is now a very cute 4 month old.

mrsbleasdale Thu 15-Sep-11 18:46:06

I'm looking at the Tewkesbury White, after a silly quote for the Haworth White grin

said Sat 17-Sep-11 15:00:42

Can I ask if your tiles were very expensive? I've looked on the tile site but can't see any prices. I know, "If you ask the price, you can't afford it." but they look lovely

queenmaeve Sun 18-Sep-11 12:04:38

Oh its gorgeous, really lovely! Hope you cook many a meal in it!
I love a nosy at people's houses!

privateprancer Sun 18-Sep-11 12:24:00

so jealous, it's lovely

PPPop Sun 18-Sep-11 12:29:09

It's lovely.

DontCallMeBaby Sun 18-Sep-11 12:29:25

Lovely. Sigh. Everyone has a new kitchen at the moment, while mine is the size of a matchbox and currently under an inch-thick layer of icing sugar.


Also - lol at very naked caterpillar.

midnightexpress Sun 18-Sep-11 12:33:17

Oooh love those tiles!

Wigeon Sun 18-Sep-11 16:20:48

Thank you everyone! I loved looking at other people's kitchens on here when I was planning ours so I thought I would selflessly and generously put pictures of ours up and bask in the compliments grin.

said - tiles were £62.46 per sq m which obviously isn't cheap Topps Tiles cheap, but in the overall costs of the kitchen and extension was well-worth it I think, considering they are the main bit of interest in an otherwise quite plain design. And there were much more expensive tiles out there!

DontCallMeBaby - surely all kitchens should be at least an inch thick with icing sugar?!

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