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How long does a new build start to too tired and the cupboard doors constantly falling off!

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bacon Mon 12-Sep-11 21:10:13

We are living in a 6 year old self build while our main house is being renovated but my god is it starting to look tatty....If the cupboard doors are not constantly coming off (hated Magnet kitchen tat), the shower parts are failing, the bath overflow has come off, the bath is ruined plastic scratched (MFI), laminate floor scratched and looking rough. The downpipe and water guttering fading, brass on door handles wearing.....its looking rough!

Do newbuilds look great for the first few years then the cheap tat that was once shiney starts to fad? I had no say in this build but done on the too cheap IMO.

I am getting fed up with it looking so tatty but really cant afford to spend on it as our funds are going on the renovation. The plan is to rent this out (farm tired) to gain some good income but sickens me that we'll have to invest again. I will be looking at holiday accommodation.

The stress of it with the renovation, and discussing spending with the OH with everything else including the business.....spend spend spend....sickens and stresses me!

GrendelsMum Mon 12-Sep-11 21:31:07

Oh dear sad No help, but just wanted to give you some sympathy. I think that you're right - the cheap quite often doesn't wear very well.

lalalonglegs Mon 12-Sep-11 21:32:07

It depends on the quality of the fixtures and fittings, the skill of the tradespeople and how well it's been maintained I suppose. Generally new-builds don't last very well, especially if from a volume builder. Self-builds depend on how much the individual owner could/would spend and how much control they had over their contractors. It should last longer than six years though sad.

slippy Tue 13-Sep-11 11:46:03

I have a friend who has been living in a new build for 2 years - it looks terrible but because she's renting it has been unable to get landlady to do any maintenance or try to get developer to come and sort out problems. They've had problems with the boiler, doors falling off, cracks and all sorts. It is a small, expensive development so you would think better built confused

Will your developer or 10 yr new build guarantee not cover any of those jobs bacon?

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