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Manky carpets begone - help me find alternatives? DD's room is next, is white a really stupid idea?

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SuePurblybilt Mon 12-Sep-11 13:30:11

DD's room has a very manky carpet - dark powder blue, two massive iron burns and several Nylons died to give their 'orrible fur to its construction. It is particularly hard to keep clean for some reason too, funny cos you'd think it'd repel dirt but no.

I really want to put in a hard floor but I am poor. I can get someone to lay the floor for me but I am still on the tightest of budgets - no set amount but think more Tesco Value than Waitrose.

I do not like the look of cheap laminate but I found this one here with bevelled edges that looks a bit less photocopied. That particular one looks a bit grey in colour but I was thinking that white would work well. Does anyone have any experience with white floors - nightmare? What about the Ikea version, has anyone tried that?

All experiences or shopping advice much appreciated smile

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