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Pink rubber kitchen floor?!

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oneofsuesylvesterscheerios Sun 11-Sep-11 18:21:24

We had a flood in our kitchen and the laminate lifted. Insurance has said it will pay out and I'm thinking I don't want laminate anymore but I'm not totally sure what I want, only what I know I don't want.

Our house is typical victorian semi, long kitchen about 8m square.
Units are light oak and not likely to be replaced any tme soon.

Would it be mental to go for pink rubber??! Rest of house isn't 'period' as such, it's fairly bright and eclectic. I was thinking this stuff.
Would plain or textured look better?

noddyholder Sun 11-Sep-11 18:22:51

I viewed a house a few weeks ago with dark pink dalsouple in the utility room and shower It was a period house and it looked great

oneofsuesylvesterscheerios Sun 11-Sep-11 18:31:42

Ooooo . do you happen to remember if it was the plain shiny or the one with raised dots? Dark pink was what I was after. [excited]

noddyholder Sun 11-Sep-11 18:36:45

Raised dots. My friend also had the grey in her kitchen several years ago (she has since moved) and it wasn't as nice as the pink.

wonkylegs Sun 11-Sep-11 18:37:07

I love this stuff , Its not my style (I'm a stainless steel/stone/brick/wood nut) but I'd love to do this if I could get a funky enough domestic client. I've used it commercially and the raised one did get feedback that it was harder to keep clean but that was in a fairly high traffic area.
I personally would go for plain especially in a small space.

noddyholder Sun 11-Sep-11 18:39:01

I have used flat rubber effect several times in bathroom schemes but it was marmo

oneofsuesylvesterscheerios Sun 11-Sep-11 18:44:18

I thought the plain might be a bit too shiny maybe. It seems loads more reflective. And the dark pink wouldn;t show up the dirt as much as lighter colours I'm thinking?

Ive order a few samples anyway, plain and raised.

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