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Brown brown brown - solutions. please,

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echt Sun 11-Sep-11 09:37:39

We've just bought and don't have enough money to re-do the kitchen.

It has tons of painted brown cabinets, magnolia walls and brown window/doors/frames. Lovely dark wood floors.

Thinking orange and turquoise walls in a Mexican-stylee as less hard work than repainting the wood.

Tons of sunlight through the windows for spring to late autumn.

Waddaya think?

lalalonglegs Sun 11-Sep-11 12:45:24

I'd repaint them. If they are shaker/rustic style, it won't have to be completely perfect, iyswim. Failing that, I think the colours you are choosing are good ones but might not make that much difference if there are lots of cabinets.

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